Can this be implemented through modding?

It has been awhile since I edited feats, but I’m not sure if the things like Ranger fighting styles or special Rogue feats can be changed. Could I offer this as an option through editing 2DAs or would I have to implement it as a new regular feat?


That’s basically Epic Precision, which even mentions this particular feat in it’s notes.

Well, I know the feat effect itself can be done, it’s nice to know it’s already in there pretty much. But I was really wondering if I can implement a selection menu upon a certain level-up like the Ranger fighting style menu or if that was hard coded. I would dig around myself, but I was making icons and coding for work all day and my willpower to dig through files is gone right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hardcoded.

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Thanks, Aqvilinus! :slight_smile:

While the feat itself may be hardcoded, it can be made available as a choice at given levels for given classes with some 2da editing. The rough system I made allowed you to take epic feats at non-epic levels, and class bonus feat 2da are editable of course.