Can we get a dark vault theme?

Everywhere else is doing it!!!

Pls and ty

There are already some black themes.

For the download site, there is a dropdown next to the Switch button, which lets you change the default (Garland) to Black Hole or NWN7.

For this forum, Preferences > Interface lets you choose the black theme.

The latter is great - I use it all the time - but Black Hole and NWN7 leave something to be desired IMO. Firstly, they change the layout as well as the colour scheme, which means that even finding the Switch button to revert is a challenge. More importantly, to my eye, they are really hard to read compared with Garland.

I wonder whether anyone has the time and knowledge to fix that?

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The main problem I have with NWN7 is when people post with dark text instead of the default which gets reversed automagically. Really annoying. I just ignore those now…