Can we get rid of that checkbox for "is this new content?"

I get it why this was created, but the time already passed, now majority of newly posted projects are brand new and not migration and this just makes the projects to not show up on main page when the author is not aware of this or forgets.

I propose to remove this button alltogether. If you truly believe the functionality needs to be kept, then just make it so that if the autor is Migration Wizard then it would count as this checkbox being checked.

some old thoughts on the matter …

it works for first release. The problem I see is that it should probably push updated releases to the top of the page also …

(though my impression is that nobody really wants to change this old forum software and risk making it unstable)

A “repush” or “bump” checkbox would probly be better … or just change “first release” to “send notice to front page” – which does that, then immediately clears itself

In short, I think first releases should get a notice on the front page auto. The checkbox should instead be a repush notice for updates.

(but precautions should be taken to prevent anyone from spamming their uploads to the front page every day …)

tl;dr i’m easy. But agree w/ Shadooow that the box seems redundant/obsolete.

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No issue with removing the checkbox. It’s very rare for a new work not to require front page exposure.

However, promoting new releases of existing works is probably not such a good idea, as it would encourage spam updates (which are already a minor annoyance).

@kevL_s You’re probably right, though, there doesn’t seem to be capacity / willingness to fix the old site.

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