Can you change available spells?

As the title suggests is it possible to change the spells available when you level up for a favoured soul or is it written in stone ?

I was wondering if I could make one with no healing or buff spells that could only do harmful things.

Thank you.

am pretty sure that favored souls get spells selectable according the Spells.2da “Cleric” column … if those numbers were changed in a custom Spells.2da (to allow/disallow their selection) you’d be changing more than only favored souls …

that said, amendments to a favored soul’s levelup likely could be done, but it’d be a project,

kevL_s… Thanks, that’s a shame if it wipes out cleric spells too and altering the levelling up doesn’t sound like it’s worth the hassle. It was just an idea for a character that’s all.

Did you try removing the healing spells from the packspfavsoul*.2da?
Not sure it will remove them from the level up selection, but for sure they won’t be selected if you click on the “recommended” button.

4760… Interesting idea, I’ve just looked and how come there are a few different types packspfavoursoul 1,2,3 etc. ?

Does this mean I can make another one without “nice” spells and add it somehow ?

hey that reminds me, isn’t there a way to make a companion levelup automatically (ie, disallow the player to choose the companion’s spells and feats etc)? If so, maybe you could create a custom package, based on 4760’s suggestion, and force the companion to use it for levelups …

Or perhaps it was only forcing a class, or disallowing multi-classes; i remember it was done like this in the OC and peeps were asking how to stop that behavior, several years ago. Because they wanted the choices …

( but this’d be the opposite : no choice, force a levelup package )

kevL_s… I don’t mind forcing people if it works, I do it all the time !

How easy is it to just make a custom class only for an npc using a favoured soul base ? Is it a matter of copying the favoured soul, taking out the helpful spells and giving it a new name ?

Yes, you can create another package for the favoured soul class. The different packages are for the various paths (standard, warpriest, etc… you can select at the last screen when you create a new character).
Just add a new line in packages.2da referring to ClassID 58.

I think only multiclassing was disallowed but you still could choose skills, feats and spells at level-up.

making a custom class, it seems to me, wouldn’t workaround the fact that the spell-lists are strongly/strictly based on those Spells.2da columns, which are sorta universal (eg. It doesn’t matter what class you are, you get a Spells.2da column like “Cleric” etc) …

the colname is just a label: the “Cleric” column could/should have been labeled “spelllist1” or “ClericAndFavoredSoulSpells” eg.

But unfortunately i can’t find where/how a class knows which column to use for its choosable spell-list atm.


yeh i think you’re right there. So it’s probably not possible to force a package …

which kinda renders the packages idea moot, since players will ofc simply bypass the Recommended button(s).

i haven’t tested this but offhand i’d think if you were okay with forcing a spellset onto the character, an onlevelup script fires after the gui finishes. Perhaps it could wipe spells and assign a set …

( i forget what’s possible because i haven’t worked with such functions or events recently )

I believe it’s the HasArcane (0 for no, 1 for “can choose in the wizard list of spells”) or HasDivine (0 for no, 1 for “can choose in the cleric list of spells”) column.
I tried to set 1 in both columns, but the PC didn’t get both lists by the way.

i dont think so because there are 7 lists in Spells.2da:

Bard     - bard    class HasArcane
Cleric   - cleric  class HasDivine
Druid    - druid   class HasDivine
Paladin  - paladin class HasDivine
Ranger   - ranger  class HasDivine
Wiz_Sorc - wizard  class HasArcane, sorcerer class HasArcane
Warlock  - warlock class has neither HasArcane nor HasDivine

so think for example of the spirit shaman class, it HasDivine but which spell-list does it get to select from? Same for favored soul, it HasDivine too but what col in Spells.2da does it adhere to? There isn’t a 1:1 reference there …

it might be hardcoded but i don’t think so, since custom classes can be designed – when someone builds a custom caster class, how do you tell it which spells to show on levelup,

gah, this should be trivial …

kevL_s and 4760… I’m back again after sleeping and work, thanks for digging into this.

So if you know what spells list a favoured soul gets it’s spells from it seems that the cleric could be the only problem. Banning clerics and obliterating all their “friendly” spells would work and if somebody wanted to be a cleric they’d pretty quickly realise why they were banned and that it’s not a good idea to ignore that when they select their spells and have to make a new character. There are lots of classes in this game to choose from but only one potential weird companion so it’s not a bad trade off.

Just as an idea could you use a type of creature, eg. one of those angels from MotB that you weren’t going to have in your mod, change appearance etc., fiddle with it’s levelling up abilities and add spells in the 2da per level. Then if you set it’s class as an outsider would it add the spells as you level up if you’ve changed outsider abilities ? Or is this just for making baddies and not companions, which have to have one of the normal classes ?

OK scrap that last idea you can’t level an outsider up I made a quick conversation and gave it a go with an npc. When you level up it just shows a blank screen with them standing on the left staring and the recommend button does nothing and you have to cancel it ! So it seems you must select a normal class.

Cleric ban seems like the least painful option !

Actually, I think it is, since you can’t add any spell casting class (unless you make the spells as feats, which is much more work than modifying 2da’s).

Did you make it a playable class? (put 1 in the PlayerClass column in classes.2da)

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4760… Here’s a quick reply ! I was just coming to report from my testing !

I changed the spells 2da and wiped out a whole load of cleric spells ( put **** in the place of level number ) and that took them off the favoured soul. It did also wipe out a cleric’s spells too. So it’s definitely possible but clerics suffer.

I didn’t change the classes 2da but had the “outsider” in the party and he was selectable and could run around but the level up screen was blank. So does this mean by doing that to the classes 2da you could have a whole bunch of goblins in your party and if you set them as fighters they’d level up normally ?

id think that to change a non-playable race to (fully) playable, you’d want to look through / vet any / all related files …

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Tsongo, have you looked at the Races of Faerun Pack v2.3. I believe there is a Half- Celestial in that pack as a player race. You may be able to modify that or it may not be able to. Just an idea that I hope helps you out.


kevL_s… I’d mess it up badly and finish up reinstalling NWN2 if I tried that ! I’ll stick to the cleric ban if I ever do this. It was just an idea for a mod.

Greenman6220… Awesome idea I didn’t know you could do that and play as all those races it’s certainly a very good mod. I downloaded some of the files thinking I could see what needed changing but unfortunately it looks like it’s all about appearance and race characteristics. from what I can see you’d still need to play as one of the normal classes which don’t get changed according to race.

However I’m very happy you pointed me to it and I might just have a go playing as a Hobgoblin ! Thank you.