Can you change the colour of the toolset?

I know I should be used to it by now but can you make the toolset anything other than white, eg. dark with white writing ?

If yes how, if no I’ll just carry on.

Thank you,

ps can you do this website to another colour ?

The main neverwintervault I believe you can change colour on, but I don’t think it’s possible with these forums.

On the main page it’s at the bottom left where it says Garland for instance. There you can change it a bit.

i don’t think so but don’t forget you have Windows OS color settings …

I just found that you can switch color on the forums too by going to Preferencies if you click on your user name when logged in.

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kevL_s… Will changing Windows settings do if for all my programmes or is there a toolset specific bit somewhere ?

andgalf… Awesome, my eyes say a big thank you !

Did you never look through this pinned thread then?


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Tarot_Redhand… I didn’t even know it existed… But I do now. Thank you I am indeed the person that needs to have the seemingly obvious explained to them.

I just posted something in the wrong forum… Again ! So I really should start reading your guide right now !

all progs. Basically just make sure that Item:Window isn’t eyeball-burning white …

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KevL_s… Eyeball burning white pretty much describes my problem. I think it’s because I never used the toolset on such a good monitor before and I’m now suffering.

I’ve fiddled with the settings and got it a bit more mellow but lost a few things like my wallpaper and went through a bit of a mess when text turned fluorescent which was pretty bad ! But I’m getting there so once again my eyes say thank you.

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Although it was FANTASTIC to find out you can switch the Forums to dark theme (WOW what a lifesaver!!) . Anyone remember when we switch from black backgrounds with green/orange text to white backgrounds in the first place ? (some time in the AOL days?) Or why we did?

I was curious to the original question also. Did you all ever find a functioning work around for creating a dark theme in the NWN2toolset?