Can you force a quest to start via console command?

Hey everyone.

As per the title, I’m wondering if that’s possible, and if so, what’s the command?

If the context helps in any way, it’s specifically in Saleron’s Gambit: Chapter 3. I started it with a character that went through chapters 1 and 2, but the mod reacted as if my character didn’t. Thus, the choices it let me “remake” only included the main story decisions, and not the Malafion quest. This very quest is the one I’d like to force to start, if possible. It’s also worth mentioning that this quest has 4 different starting points, depending on the choice made in Chapter 2.

Thanks in advance!

The general solution is to set a variable on the PC:

dm_setvarint NW_JOURNAL_ENTRY### *

where ### is the quest tag and * is the journal entry number. (No space before ### but space before *).

Within a single module, that will fool all scripts and conversations.

Worked like a charm. Thank you!