Can you loop a part of an animation?

Is there a way through scripting that you could loop a part of an animation instead of the whole thing? Like looping just the last second or so of an animation? Or is that impossible?

Not that I’m aware.

here is the answer to your question
(most likely my assumption is true)
For to loop part of the animation
need a program (most likely a program or script)
(for example spells work the use this way)(if i not wrong)
But you need to write a program or script that stops the animation at the desired point. (Or try to find or create a suitable script )
should also consider whether this is the engine compatible
otherwise you need to write a program for this (for the possibility of using parts of the animation in the engine)

but it may not be very simple
there is another solution to just remake the animation(maybe better way)
(unfortunately I am not a programmer and can’t help anything else)

The easiest way would be to just crop the existing animation to the segments that you want, essentially creating a new animation. Blender and Freshlook’s tool. As far as animations for nwn2 go, this specific task is as easy as it gets. Good way to get started.