Can you make this module work?

Hello everybody,

There was a module called LOD-HOT-CEP and my friends were playing it ten years ago. We got the module and it is ready to play, we just don’t know how to start it properly.

Module link to download:

This module only needs a clean database and it will automatically creating the tables for it. And of course, nwnx.

The problem is …
I did configure nwnx.ini correctly and when I start the module the tables are not being created in the database. I checked the logs0 of nwnx.txt and it looks it is missing something (and yes I did try adding all plugins available in inclunding the necessary ODBC).

Library DBADONETPLUGIN!EXEC does not exist.* Library DBADONETPLUGIN!EXEC does not exist.* NWNX2 shutting down…

I checked the module and it looks it has a lot of functions containing this phrase: NWNX!DBADONETPLUGIN!EXEC

SetLocalString(GetModule(), “NWNX!DBADONETPLUGIN!EXEC”, sSQL);

what is this?

Can you help me to identify what is missing ? I really want to make this module working !