Can you swap eyes in heads?

Is it possible, without too much hassle and remaking any models, to swap the genasi eyes into a human head by just switching the file names or something simple like that ?

Also what are the genasi eyes called, not just weird, the file name and how would you know which one’s what ?

If you can would this make all human eyes go like it or can you just stick them in one head ?

Thank you.

The eyes are part of the head, so you can’t change them without changing the head itself. What you can do is change the texture they use (with MDB Config for example).

Note that sometimes both eyes and head share the same texture: in that case, you’ll have to modify the tga / dds file directly.

4760… Thank you, that’s the end of that idea then as I’m not about to start playing around with textures. It was just that I saw that genasi characters had weird eyes that would go well in a character and wanted to do a quick swap.

Maybe there’s a way to do it with f/x?

rjshae… I had a look at them but they’re all a bit too wild and glowing I just waned a really bad bloodshot look.