Cannot download any Vault file

Chrome and Avaast say the files are all infected. Any help, please?

This is more than likely a false positive by avast with a probable avast chrome plugin causing that browser’s flagging of non-existent viruses. If you look at Virus Total, I just told it to do a rescan and it returned a score of 2 of 69 anti-virus programs flagging the site as malicious. That means that just over 97% of the av programs consulted say that this site is fine. If you don’t know about virus total look at this article.

From what I’ve read in both magazines and online, avast is the second worst av for false positives. Only Norton is worse. In fact both are so notorious they don’t appear to be used by virus total.

I personally use the Opera browser. It uses the chrome engine. The av I use is kaspersky. I have not so far had any problems with this site. My advice is to use a different av and if you can afford it a paid for one. It is not as though they are vastly expensive. I only pay around £20 UK for a year’s cover for three machines.


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I’m using Chrome and Avast on both Android and Windows with no general problems downloading from this site, so it must be a deeper issue.

If the problem persists, I’d consider reinstalling Avast.

I’ve seen very few false positives here - maybe once a year, normally with executable files, which I can work around.


I’m sure it’s a false positive! Should I try reinstalling the game?

From your description of your problem I seriously doubt that it is a problem with the game itself. I would suspect that @Proleric has the right of it. If you decide to remove and reinstall avast see these instructions I got when I googled on how to do it. Also these look like good instructions too.



I don’t see how reinstalling the game would help, if Avast is complaining about vault files (not the game).

Reinstalling Avast would ensure that you have the latest virus definitions and software.

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I meant reinstall Avast. I tried repairing the installation but it did nothing.

Try that second link in my previous post. Apparently you need a special tool to uninstall avast properly and that site takes you through the process. While the next thing I say may be blindingly obvious, it is sometimes easy to forget these things. I would also download the latest version of avast before you begin as once you’ve uninstalled avast you will only have minimal cover.