Can't Create or Edit a conversation

So I have a bug that just kind of showed up.

When I click on a line of dialogue in the Conversation editor it deletes the line. It removes all the text and events on that line. I and readd it but if I click on it again (say to add a reply) it just deletes out again.

It does this even in a brand new blank module. Anyone else seeing this issue or have a fix?

If you are on EE, that is a known bug. In the conversation editor open the options menu then the spellchecking tab. Uncheck anything to do with spellchecking and you should be good to go.


Also, if you using this in wine on linux, make sure you have the microsoft true type fonts installed. This is often a separate step since most distros can’t ship them. I’ve had that produce the same effect in the conversation editor. And also mess up things in the script editor. Fwiw.

I am on EE and the spell checker was the culprit. Thanks for that! No idea wny that started happening, I don’t remember changing that but maybe I did.