Can't find a specific module in nwvault: Village of Oakwood

I remember three years ago when I was developing my module I downloaded a couple of modules for my inspiration I got a lot of ideas. There was a specific module I really enjoy it’s called “Village of Oakwood”. In this module I did like the game blackjack system and I imported this to my module and later I deleted the module from my computer. But far more the blackjack, the module is really beautiful, good areas design, good conversations, good NPCs, good plots. Where is the module? I don’t want to pick up the systems I stopped modding I just want to experience the game play because is really beautiful.

i dont rightly know myself where it could be at, but that module does sound very familiar to me. however you are in luck in that WhiteTiger also thought the same thing, and added the blackjack system into his module found here:


Thanks for that! I needed a good chuckle :slight_smile:


Hey Wall3t that is exactly the point I am WhiteTiger and I did import the black jack. Hahaha

meaglyn, :open_mouth:

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i don’t know of any module w/that name, but here is a list of all modules w/‘village’ in the name that were on the old vault :

Angus Glenn Village : 6234
Angus Glenn Village Chronicles : 6305
Athkalta Village : 278
Athkalta Village v1.2 : 277
DS1 The Village of Tyrinshire : 634
Green Village : 1035
Green Village v1.2 : 1034
Ilsen Village Beta : 1151
Silverdale Village : 1967
Small Village Woes v1.23 : 1979
T1 Village of Hommlet : 3206
The Dragon’s Village : 4105
The Village of Hommlet : 3798
The Village of Saltcoal : 4868
Uilanirm Village : 2692
Vane Village Woods : 2743
Village of Hommlet : 2752
Village of Hommlet(complete version) : 2751
Village of Longs View : 2753
Village of Staedwall : 2754
Village of Staedwall : 2755
Village of Thoryn : 2756
Village of the Dead (v2.1) : 2757
Village under Siege : 2758
Wylcot Village : 2823

are you sure about the name ?

the ones above are now on the rolovault :
scroll down until you see the folder w/the number you want. for example, the last entry on the list above would be found at

there is also a module called ‘caradel’s island’ – n° 445 – that mentions a ‘port of oakwood’.

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I appreciate it I couldn’t find the properly name in this list, I think it’s not good to use the “village” as a term for searching nor “oakwood”. However, I AM SURE Village of Oakwood is the name of the main starting area. I remember when I download the module with the area Village of Oakwood it was a pack of 3 modules and one of them was that containing the area Village of Oakwood. I dont know. I remember there was image of the areas into the project on vault. When I saw this project I just downloaded immediately very beautiful images

w/o knowing the module name, i think it’ll be difficult to find. i think your best bet is to use a ‘distributed grey matter search’ lol [i.e. what you’re doing now] and hope it jogs someone’s memory. do you remember any other details about the module ? story, character names, etc. ?

If I find something I will tell you and others what name is the module.

There is Oakwood in
Unfortunately found no blackjack there.

Maybe the village was a prefab?

Or maybe the blackjack system was already taken from the vault? (i.e. scripts category)