Cant Level up


playing Hotu atm (after OC and SoU) and I am having a bit of trouble with my Level up.
I am hitting Level 21 (Fighter 8, Bard 2, Arcane Archer 10 with the guide from cRPG Blog: ARCANE ARCHER BUILD, Neverwinter Nights, NWN1 ) and the game “allows” me to level up the Arcane Archer again (there is a 2 Level gap with 19 and 20 where you have to choose one of your other classes).
When I have finished leveling, in the character screen I dont get shown the new cap to reach (xy experience points) but only see again the “level up” field - I can loop endlessly leveling up without getting a new level.
I have tried some advice from the net, with leaving one skill point left, to know avail, etc.
With Leto 1.69 I have looked into my savegame, even there I cant get it to do a level up (only remove class, remove level and view/edit journal progress availiable).

thx for any help in advance.

You don’t get the summary screen after making your picks? It happens always, no matter which of the 3 classes you try to level up? You never used Leto (or something similar) earlier to modify you character?

Mmmh, weird. You may post your character here (put it into a zip and drag&drop the archive over the message), so others may have a look.


the summary screen i always got, the character simply refused to level up.
but the most curious thing happened after (of course) i wrote this here.
third time i “destroyed” the character via leto 1.69 (maybe 3rd time’s the charm) and let it level up to 21 with the guide it somehow worked, every thing checked out again, normal leveling is possible again.

thx anyways

Have you installed anything into your override?

yes, but nothing gamebreaking, or i would have had in oc or sou already

If it is something related to classes it could block your levelups.