Can't mount a horse if you have a summons

Apologies if this is a duplicate post.

I am trying to track down a potential bug in SKS1, but I think it might be a bug with the game (specifically NWN1 EE release from December). I was able to reproduce in my module, @Proleric’s horse demo and also a brand new module with just Aluvian Darkstar and a horse.

To reproduce:

  1. As a character that can cast summon monster, mount a horse
  2. Unmount the horse
  3. Summon your badger
  4. Try to mount again

Expectation: You’d mount the horse
Actual result: Your horse just follows you.

Note that a familiar (specifically a bat) doesn’t have this issue, but I did not test animal companions.

Can anyone else confirm so I can mark it as a known issue? Thanks!

It is a known issue with the Bioware system introduced in 1.69 (EE is exactly the same).

Ah! Thanks @Proleric. Somehow I missed that one when I was going through the lexicon. Much appreciated! I’ve added a link to that section of the page on the lexicon in the readme, which I will include in the next release. Thanks!