Carrying over henchmen from SoU Interlude to Chapter 2

From when I started SoU, I’ve been determined to keep all the henchmen in my party, and it was a tad difficult when we moved from Chapter 1 to the Interlude, but manageable. From the Interlude to Chapter 2, however, it’s more difficult, though I guess hassle would be a better way to describe it.

My original method was spawning the Lvl1 version of the one missing henchman along with every single one of their items. Not efficient, but somewhat effective. The biggest hassle was the items whose blueprints were exclusive to Chapter 1 and also getting the henchman to have all the feats they had originally.

Moving on to Chapter 2, however, this method is no longer practical (not that it ever was), as I’m now lacking not one, but three henchmen, as only one is carried over thanks to you-know-what and you-know-who. I could use Lilith to store all of their items, then spawn them all at Lvl1 and distribute their items to them, but even then, I’m likely to encounter missed feats and misplaced levels again.

I’m hoping there’s a much more efficient manner in which I can carry over henchmen, and I’ve been trying with Lilith, but I can’t seem to figure out a proper way.