Cart/caravan/wagon model skin

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone has or seen like a creature model of for example a carriage/caravan? Wanted to have them installed for the traveling system I wanted to implement into the PW

There are a few in CEP 2.65.

Yes, I think CEP has most of what’s out there, including mountable carts.

Best used with a slightly modified AI to prevent turning on the spot, which looks weird. For example, have them walk waypoints along a gently curving path. DIsable combat and turning on conversation.

None of them have animated wheels - I don’t know how hard it would be to fix that?

Yeah I found 1 “mount” cart of prject Q but it claims to be unmountable and the horse is black XD

So am seeing how I can fix that!

Yeah, I have the same problem in the CEP. Anyone know of any other options besides the Project Q one? I feel like something might’ve been left behind when it was moved out of Project Q. And this is the only creature model I’ve spotted so far.

For CEP, if I remember correctly, I had to add the models to tailmodel.2da, for example:

10003     "Crodlu_cart"      c_Crodchar1_mt       ****
10004     "Horse_cart"       c_horsecart_mt       ****

then add the tail to a mounted phenotype rider.

your best solution to this would be to create your own model. Ive seen a few across Pw’s, and made a few myself, using simple solutions using free models, and existing assets like my “Paddy Wagon” for criminals

This thing gets 1 horsepower to a mile, and even comes included with a spiteful old man to curse at the criminals as theyre taken downtown.

the easiest answer is to be creative with how to create such content, or the process in how to achieve your solution. I use Nwnexplorer to export a majority of my textures and models, but for unique models i use free 3d models you can find online, or purchase them.

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