Casavir meeting Bug

Hi, do someone know, how can I activate Casavir’s meeting? I didn’t meet him.
I tried some way, but something’s wrong with them. (dm_movetoarea MAP_AR1312, dm_movetoarea_AR1312, dm_movetoarea_ Mountain Pass, Meeting Casavir, dm_movetoarea MAP_Mountain Pass, Meeting Casavir, …)

do you have a save sometime before this happens ?

Not really…

well … since the OC has a linear storyline, if Casavir doesn’t happen right on cue then, basically, setting him up properly after the fact is, uh, bound to be wonky

Yep. This meeting is very important. He gives here the ability to go to the eyegouger clan, this refreshes a quest journal (I think), and gives the new companion. Very-very bad if I can’t make it happen. Maybe if I could teleport to the eyegouger clan, with a little luck I would just lose some xp, what I could give me if I really wanted through console commands. Casavir too. But teleporting through console… I can’t figure out how to do. Even less here, where it is in a very special place, where I can get only 1 time.

  1. Load your savegame.
  2. Open the console window.
  3. Enter:
debugmode 1
rs ga_global_int("gb_casavir_intro","1")
debugmode 0
  1. Make any global map transition.

Thank you very much!