Casavir Missing

I’ve searched as much as Google will allow. A few other people have had this problem with no solution so far.

At first, I had the imposter with me after the Bonegnasher cave, I traveled to Old Owl Well, and the random encounter where you meet Casavir triggered. He fought the orcs with me and Casavir never showed up. I wasn’t able to use the world map and was stuck at the mountain pass. I then reloaded and traveled to the Merchant’s Quarter, which triggered the random encounter where I had to defeat the imposter and his orcs. I then traveled to Old Owl Well and the Casavir encounter didn’t trigger, so I can’t make my way to Eyegouger cave. Setting the global.xml casavir_intro to 1 gives me the same bug.

Any ideas on how to get my game to trigger properly, or any ideas about why Casavir won’t spawn?

can you provide a link to your save (zipped up) in the Bonegnasher caves, before the special encounter w/ Casavir?

Neverwinter Nights 2 Part #23 - Act One Chapter Twenty - Casavir

Can’t upload for some reason :frowning:

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yep, bug reproduced
- no Casavir
- worldmap doesn’t work

will take a closer look tomorra …

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I suspect it’s the “companion doesn’t spawn” bug … seen it before if so. Will try my standard fix of removing and readding the companion to the roster …


Thank you for even looking at my problem so in depth! Is that by adding the casovir.ros to the file? I wasn’t sure if that would update the quest line.

it’s a deeper problem and i don’t know what causes it. Early in the game, companions are added to the roster but kept hidden from the PartySelect screen so they can’t be selected yet; as the story unfolds they become visible and selectable in PartySelect. And when i iterate over all rostermembers they show up fine, but so far the bug has prevented AmmonJerro,Shandra,Sand, and Zhaeve from appearing and spawning in when they need to.

The fix is to remove them from the rosterlist and readd them just before they need to spawn … this seems to refresh things enough that they then enter and participate in the story.

i did the same fix with Casavir just now (on your save) and it works (for whatever reason).

will throw together a small package that goes in your /override …

ps. I’m not absolutely sure that i got the fix right btw. The OC has so much superfluous stuff that shouldn’t be there that im not entirely sure I’m adding the proper template for Casavir, but i think we should try it and see what happens,

will link in a bit

oh okay! I notice that Casavir.ros isn’t in the save folder … adding one would probably make things work also. But i’ll make a script that will ‘force’ things seamlessly …

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There’s a ReadMe.txt in the zip. The files ought be okay in your /override (without conflicts). Just unzip it into /override while PC is still in the Bonegnasher lair … (game not running)

Thank you so much!!! Hopefully if another person with the same problem comes across your solution they will be able to fix it themselves. Cheers!

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There is a little utility on the vault that enables the party roster function for any available companions I’ll try and post a link to it later although from the description here it may not have helped in this case.

since the problem in each of the missing companions seems to be a missing .Ros file, and the fix is simply to remove and readd them to the roster (by script) a console script utility would be easy to do … with a command such as

rs create_roster("grobnar")

( this’d have to be done before meeting the companion, ie. going back to a previous save after finding out that the companion doesn’t spawn )


// 'create_roster'
	Console script. experimental!

	WARNING: This will replace a companion's .ROS with its standard blueprint!
	The companion will lose all the stuff you've given it etc etc

	If a .ROS file goes missing from your save in the OC Campaign this script
	should recreate it from the companion's standard blueprint.

	Create a textfile in your myDocs/nwn2/override folder and copy this into it.
	Save the file as 'create_roster.nss' then open it in the toolset.
	Compile it. Then load a save and run

	debugmode 1
	rs create_roster("grobnar")
	debugmode 0

	where "grobnar" is replaced by the name of the companion that does not spawn

	IMPORTANT: This script must be run *before* the companion in question needs
	to appear in the OC story. In other words, after you notice that a companion
	hasn't spawned (and your playthrough just broke) load up a previous save and
	run this script ...

	The following strings ought work but haven't been tested


void main(string roster)
	int bResult = RemoveRosterMember(roster);
	SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(FALSE), roster + " removed successfully= " + IntToString(bResult));

	bResult = AddRosterMemberByTemplate(roster, "co_" + roster);
	SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(FALSE), roster + " added successfully= " + IntToString(bResult));
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