Castle siege / tower defense module

Hello everyone this is Castle siege / tower defense module.

intro(promo and wip - YouTube)
In this module, the player will have to defend the castle,
make decisions, hire fighters, improve armor, build towers, react to events, extract resources and think over a strategy.

The player will have 4 orders to choose from (water stone, metal, fire) - each has its own pros and cons and unique events.
you initially play as a fortress overseer who reports directly to the champions.
Unit types

  1. Champions are very powerful adventurers, they are much stronger than ordinary soldiers and you.
    and can teleport to the desired gate - the PC can unlock the champion - all zones are available.
  2. ordinary units - you can send them to guard only 1 gate. They cannot leave them.
  3. elite - have unique skills / improvements
  4. the overseer of the fortress is a PC - all zones are available to you
  5. developing fighters - who can become guard sergeants and (it is possible to travel all the time with a warden + follow commands.).

the castle will have 9 gates if nothing changes.
10 - will be fatal (if the enemy passed through them in a loss - or there will be a timer to reflect the enemy inside the castle - red zone)
you must fight off the enemies (units) before a certain time - otherwise they will be able to reach the next gate.

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this topic is for suggestions and discussions.
if you want to do something or tell me how to implement something, then here is a technical topic (Tower defense module- need some help)

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rough concept

units-order of the rock

rough module

questions, suggestions are welcome.
something I will change, something not.
will be updated

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is nobody interested?any way i will do it for myself /and hope someone find it interesting.any way i will try make my best efforts.

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I think it looks interesting. Unfortunately, while I own multiple editions of NWN1 (including NWN:EE), I don’t have NWN2.

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an approximate view of the interface - rough

I’m thinking of making the buttons large and remembering the actions - maybe I can implement it with the interface, I haven’t stacked it yet (once I made the blanks and used the right one). because it bothers me / plus endless mouse clicks is harmful. to make it easy to press.
and there you can switch between modes.
however, maybe I will modify it so that it does not stand out too much - but this is still the main concept …

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almost finished with the interface prototype (92%-) seems to be clear more
I’ll play a little with the visual part (I’ll give it the look of NVN) and start recreating it already in the game.


poll here

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