Cave re-texture set issue

I am using the retexturable cave tile set and have a couple of issues.

  1. the tiles show the new texture in the toolset but some don’t in the game
  2. The light play on the tile floors is borked (in the toolset and the game)

Is there something I need to know about the tiles that i am not doing or perhaps are some of the tiles not working properly. It would be a shame if it is the latter :frowning:


Make sure you have the latest update to the tileset project fixed some 50 bugs with caves/dark mines/deep chasms after user merinthophile carefully stepped through every tile of those tilesets, Currently there are no known bugs.

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This happens when the material properties of a tile don’t exactly match the others in the set. (Including SpecularPower and SpecularValue.)

I will download it and see if that improves it,

Thank you Kamal

That was not the solution sorry.

I will play with this in the morning but it seems to be a problem on some of the tile when I use a custom texture. When I have five mins I will override the new texture from the module folder and see if that helps the situation.

I have created a texture set cave06. It’s fine on some tiles but not on others.

I can work round it I think. I will report back tomorrow.


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send me the files/area, better to look into it and fix it if it’s a bug

I will get the area over to you Kamal. I am not sure if my issue is the tile set or texture … it seems complex.

I have a work round by over writing the texture from the stock set and using stock caves but the floor lighting problem remains for the CV05 texture set and not the CV03. I am going to use a placeable floor to get round that.