CCC Dinosaurs! merge into Project Q

I really needed dinosaurs in the PW I’m building, so I braved the new world of merging haks for the first time.
It was actually really easy because there were no overwrites.

Of course, it hasnt been tested quite yet. And I dont know if I needed to adjust the tlk either so…

But anyway, just a heads up since its other people’s work basically.

Okay, didnt work because the CCC was a sample hak

I have 2da files though and mdl files. Can anyone give me tips on how to handle these resources into a HAK? I also have the project Q reserved list and will make an attempt to make it compatible.

At a glance, this tutorial looks like it would cover what you’re looking for:

In case you don’t have nwhak.exe, TAD uploaded it:

But also, you don’t need to add the dinosaurs into the hak containing the Project Q creatures. You can put them in their own separate hak, add the lines for the dinosaurs to the appearance.2da from Project Q, put that modified appearance.2da into your new hak along with the dinosaurs, and install your Q-compatible dinosaur hak on top of the Q hak, where it’ll add the dinosaur models, and overwrite the previous appearance.2da. It’ll reduce the size of the download considerably.

To merge haks, modify the 2das so the content from all haks is accounted for, and put them in the last loaded hak (in the toolset list, the very top).


Thanks for replying.
I have both downloaded NWhak and perused that tutorial.

The other information helps greatly though. I was wading blind for quite a bit. Ill take a break and try what you said.

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Okay, took a long nap. I already had merged the appearance and portraits 2da so this should be easy. Thx!

Worked! Thanks!!!