CCC for march?

Is there just a severe delay, or will the current theme go into next month?

So will march’s theme go into April since it hasnt come out this month?

I can’t speak for TAD, but i remember reading here that he was disengaging from CCC and giving the Kingdom’s Custom Content keys to a new curator. Obviously, we need a little bit more patience.

As the person that volunteered at the time… I have heard nothing back about this. At the very minimum I (or whoever takes over if not me) needs the password to the ccc email address. What would be nice is the list of unused topics and the blank ccc announcement used every month. Add to that the instructions on getting the ccc to appear on the front page as well.

Given that TAD had been involved in an accident and was recovering at the time of their last post I am prepared to wait a while longer.


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alright so its going to be abit longer than usual thats cool! as long as the themes for this month still get picked or go back onto the poll or something.

Can’t we think of temporarily creating a new email and list to carry out the CCC?

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I think somone just needs to step in and volunteer the event in order for it to happen. It wouldnt be such a problem if there were volunteers, but I havent seen anyone step up to the plate yet.

If somebody confirms a new email, I can resend my mirror stuff entries

Anything new for the CCC ?

perhaps a status update on this or on TAD? Has anyone decided to take up the CCC to continue it from march?