CEE Pack woes, Help

Using Steam and when I create a module, some of the planar original models are “gone”
Same with placeables. Some original content is missing, and some of the new models as well.
I;m using this order:

2.65 Hak Order

cep2_add_doors (optional)

cep2_add_loads (optional)

Phenotypes Set: (optional)
+ cep2_add_phenos2
+ cep2_add_phenos3
+ cep2_add_phenos4

cep2_add_reforge (optional)

cep2_add_skies (optional)

CEP-Modified Tilesets: (optional)
+ cep2_add_tiles2

Extended BioWare Tilesets + CEP-Modified Tilesets: (optional)
+ cep2_add_tiles1
+ cep2_add_tiles2

cep2_build (optional)

cep2_custom (optional)


Not a Hak, but Required:
Is the CEE incompatible with NWN Enhanced Edition? What am I doing wrong?

The new content in EE 1.81 8193.15 onwards typically won’t show up in the toolset if the module uses CEP (or any other haks that customise 2da files).

For CEP, this will affect creatures, placeables, doors and so on.

An important exception is the new tilesets, which should be available, as the information files are tileset-specific, rather than module-wide.

Another exception is the new script functions, which are available, because CEP doesn’t override core scripts.

There’s nothing new about this - it’s just how NWN is designed. In the past, CEP has eventually been updated after official content releases (the previous one being 1.69).

In the meantime, builders have to decide whether the new content is mission-critical, or whether they can live with the CEP version. In the case of 8193.15, most of the placeables are already in CEP, thanks to the past generosity of Ossian Studios, but the creatures aren’t, for example.

If it’s imperative to have the latest content, you have to merge the 2da files in a top hak. For example, for the creatures, you’d edit a version of the CEP appearance.2da, adding the new lines from the official EE appearance.2da.

At the time of writing, I don’t know whether there will be any more CEP development, so those are probably your options right now.


It would help if the poster were a bit more specific about “what” was actually gone. Without knowing, I can only surmise he might be talking about those items which were moved from the haks into an erf called “cep2_add_sb_v1.erf”

Or, he could be talking about the reverse aspect in which all of the new EE content (DoD/ToMS/etc) are not appearing in the toolset because he is using the CEP. If this were the issue, it’s due to the CEP 2da’s not current with the new material. You would need to update your CEP 2da’s to take into account the new content, such as creature, item, placeable, soundsets, ambientsound, etc 2da’s. Since the CEP has not received support or updates in over 2 years, it becomes the responsibility of every CEP user/builder to update their own 2da’s. I’m not sure if Amethyst Dragon is walking back through that door.

The missing creature models in the standard palette are: All of the Tanaruuk, Orcus, Render and Malaugrym
Not a whole lot, I know - I’m just picky.
Do I open the .2da’s with the hak program a text editor

Your issues are caused by CEP not being updated for EE. In order to see EE content, you’ll need to merge CEP and EE 2da files.

The EE 2da files are apparently in a ZIP archive for Builders that wish to update it. Not sure
where Steam installs the ZIP.

Thanks for the information guys… :slight_smile: