Celestial Elixir - item respawning

Hi folks, is there a command to spawn the Celestial Elixir needed for Sharwyn to complete her story in chapter 1 (OC)?

I maybe took the Elixir and lost it, it wasn’t in the Tanglebrook Estate anymore.

Thank you

dm_spawnitem nw_hen_sha1qt

Thank you Proleric! Gonna try it right now!

Oooops… can’t remember since last rime I did a respawn was years ago:
the commands
DebugMode 1

are to be written in the “talk” box?

The resref (Resource Reference I guess?) for the objects appearing in the main campaigns can be checked in the toolset, so you can always check the toolset for that and then use the DebugMode command (dm_spawnitem) to create anything you need, be it Sharwyn’s elixir or a blank scroll or whatever.

Got it QuenGalad, thank you. Just could not figure it out where to put those command lines

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Console commands : hit the tilde (~) key and type in your command. You can also enter console commands into the chat window by prefacing them with a double hash ##.

dm_spawnitem creates the item at the cursor, so be careful where you point.

Thanks Proleric, my keyboard has a different layout (italian), so no tilde on it (did’t work hitting ALT-126).

So the commands should come as
##DebugMode 1
##dm_spawnitem nw…

Thank you again and thanks to QuenGalad also.

On my UK keyboard, the appropriate key is [SHIFT] ¬ on the top left (just below the [ESCAPE] key). That echoes as the negation symbol for me - not sure what other people reading this post will see.

My keyboard also has a tilde ~ key on the right, but that’s not the one that brings up the console.

At any rate, ## in the chat box will suffice (and is probably the only way to do it on Android).

And that worked, Proleric; once again, thank you!