CEP 2.65 Questions

2 quick questions for everyone:

One, is the top hak quick fix listed on the CEP vault entry included in the Full Install version of 2.65? I don’t recall downloading it, and I’m seeing shoulder appearance issues in my current version, and frankly I don’t know how long those issues have been there. Nor can I recall when I downloaded the 2.65 version, but fairly certain it was prior to March of this year.

Two, is there a dedicated forum for CEP related issues, ideas, and discussions? The old one seems a bit defunct.

Just an update to my own query. I updated both server side and client side top hak with the listed one in the Vault Entry. No change. Both shoulder and belt appearances are not showing up during crafting options. Has anyone else experienced this?

The 2.65 quickfix is for after decompressing the full 2.65. It’s a tiny fix that I don’t think warrants requiring a new full download or version number progression.

Thanks, AD, but I’m still experiencing a lack of appearances, even with the modified top hak. Am I missing something? This is in regards to belt and shoulder appearances.