CEP 2.66 Released

CEP 2.66 has been released!

The update is available as a patch upgrade from 2.65 (51 mb) or a full package download (1 GB).

CEP 2.x (Community Expansion Pack) | The Neverwinter Vault

EDIT - Minor hiccup with the Base Modules. The ones uploaded in the patch and full downloads are still using the 2.65 tophak. I’ve uploaded separate copies of the Base Modules with the corrected tophak association.

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EDIT - I think you mean that the patch and full download are OK from the player perspective (only the base modules, which they don’t need, are borked)?

In which case, it would help if the message on the corrected base modules were addressed to builders…

…or better still, just fix the patch and full download…

The downloads have the correct tophak. The modules have the wrong tophak associated with them. I’ll clarify that.

I can do that in about 8 hours as I’ve run my bandwidth dry.

EDIT - The Steam Workshop release of the CEP 2.65 to 2.66 Patch is offline until I can test if it will overwrite the files from TAD’s CEP 2.65 Workshop Project.

Upload of the full package is complete…

Steam Workshop::CEP 2.66 Full (steamcommunity.com)

Many thanks for all the work you have done on CEP. I noticed that you removed these files from the TLK folder in 2.66…


This may lead to incompatibilities with Mods that reference CEP v2.2. In addition, I have always had to install CEP v2.2 so that cep22_v2.tlk is available for Mods that reference the file.

Is it possible to include all the above TLK files in the full version?

Another minor oversight on my part - thanks for pointing that out. I’m on it.

You can grab them here - https://neverwintervault.org/sites/all/modules/pubdlcnt/pubdlcnt.php?fid=38524

I’m updating the Steam Workshop full download with the missing TLKs now. The Vault full download will be updated later today with the missing TLKs.

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I missed that comment - I’ll get that taken care of right now as the full dl is only at 15% upload. If anyone has this TLK file - cep22_v2.tlk - can you send it my way or upload it here. Then I can add it and restart the Vault upload.

EDIT - Got the file via Discord.

I integrated CEP 2.66 with my module-in-progress (working title : Affinity EE).

No issues to date.

Appreciate the change log - greatly simplifies the task of 2da merging.


Glad the changelog was useful. I’m pretty meticulous about that for my own reference - learned that from working on Q for so long.

CEP 1.x files are now included with the Steam Workshop download of CEP 2.66.

Would anyone who has downloaded CEP 2.66 from Steam’s Workshop be kind enough to confirm the folder identifier associated with the installation so I can update NIT’s Download Rules file accordingly.

You can find the folder name by looking at the sub-folders in this directory…

CEP v2.65 used to be 1312882397 - not sure if 2.66 uses the same folder or a new one.

Many thanks for any help.


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It looks like the baseitems.2da included in the new 2.66 top hak is missing the CEP DefaultModel changes. They’ve been reverted back to just it_bag. If it helps, I wrote and quick program for merging customized 2da files with new columns.

My account is too new for attachments, but when that changes I can post what it spit out when I merged the 2.65 baseitems.2da and with the 8193.32 version.

Can you post this to the bug tracker - pstemarie/cep2_bugtracker: CEP 2.x bug tracker (github.com) - you can upload files there

I’ll take a look when I get home this afternoon.

EDIT - Had a few minutes and fixed it real quick. Also restored the MAXRANGE values to 255 for all baseitem types.

Hotfix has uploaded - you don’t need it if subscribed through Steam Workshop (I incorporated it directly into the download).


Thanks for the quick response.

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