[CEP 2.66] Revised 2.4 Starter Module (cepv24_starter)

Considering the influx of new players with EE, I’ve begun looking over the old CEP v2.4 Starter Module and revising it for EE. I’ve compiled it under EE 8193.32 and encountered no compiler errors. However, my initial test was less than stellar.

In the “Welcome” area there is a work bench where you can pick up several widgets for pack animals. Being the gluttonous git I am, I took all of them. CEP pack animals are apparently henchmen - so you can access their inventory. Unfortunately, if you summon multiple pack animals at once, the first pack animal isn’t unsummoned and the new pack animal doesn’t become your henchman.

Pretty easy fix: I’ll just index the maximum number of henchman by one each time you summon a new pack mount - iirc, this is what the horse scripts do.

My question is this, are there any other similar “issues” I need to be aware of before I include a “demo” module with the 2.66 release? I’d hate to put a demo out there that is full of bugs.

With something like CEP, which is so widely used, it seems to me that a professonal operations mindset is called for.

I’d recommend that you establish a Change Board (perhaps the whole community) to approve proposed changes before you implement them.

As you probably know, the long painful lesson learned by IT over the decades is that all change - however trivial - carries a significant risk of harm, so better not to do anything that’s nice-to-have without ample regression testing (and maybe not even then).

There are a few obsolete features in CEP which are retained for backward-compatibility but are quirky, such as the CEP horses, and others that don’t work without tweaking, like some of the CRAP systems, but most CEP users are familiar with that.

So, my two cents is - leave well alone.

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