CEP 2.67 Hotfix 1 - Weapon Feats


Issues fixed :
Weapon Specialisation feats couldn’t be selected for CEP weapon types
Missing icon for Weapon Focus (Katar)

Following recent practice, the hotfix overwrites the entire hak (cep2_add_feats) for the convenience of players.

I’ve also include a change log, to help builders who need to amend their top haks manually.

Steam Workshop will be updated automatically.

If anyone thinks there’s a better way of issuing hotfixes, let me know.


CEP 2.67 Hotfix 2 - Weapon Feats

Issues fixed :
CEP Weapon Feats retested, reconciled and tidied up
See change log for details

Includes CEP 2.67 Hotfix 1

Thanks to Mmat

Added : CEP 2.67 Hotfix 3 - Weapon Feats

Issues fixed :
Maul feats now have non-blank descriptions
Clearer item descriptions for spear, shortspear, fuscina, wood
Corrected weapon proficiencies required for shortspear and mercurial weapons

Builder notes:
Duplication reduced by removing baseitems.2da from cep2_add_feats
Weapon feats added to baseitems.2da in cep2_top_2_67
cep2_add_feats should not be used unless your module is EE 8193.31 or later

See change log for details

Includes CEP 2.67 Hotfix 1 and 2

Thanks to Mmat

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Great work :slight_smile: