Cep 2.69

CEP 2.69 adds 440 creature models.

Thanks to Mmat, DM_Wise, Stonehammer and Killmonger.



  • New optional hak cep2_add_ee adds EE-only features e.g. a few creature models which only work in EE


  • Added 440 creature models
  • A total of 240 older models have been deprecated, to reduce clutter, where better alternatives now exist. They remain available, for compatibility, but are prefixed [Deprecated] in the appearance dropdown. This represents 68% of the older models identified for replacement.110 older models remain (by agreement with the builder community) because no better versions have been found.


  • Added reserved ranges for Project Q
  • Released reserved lines that might be used by EE one day

Here are just a few examples:


Did you grab the Egyptian Goddess from Custom Content Challenge July 2014: Deities and Demigods (aka Nefertiti)?




So, new CEP update, new Mecheon delving into stuff to see if anything’s up

First things first my OCD thanks for for moving all the Eyes of the Deep together and fixing its model, plus the kangaroos (if someone can hook me up with proper kangaroo animations let’s talk business. i’ve got some crocodiles in the pipeline but my FR related stuff for this month’s CCC comes first)

Actual bugs:
Apatosaurus and the Spitting Felldrake don’t seem to be animating properly in toolset, possibly hooked up to an incorrect model somewhere?
A bunch of the EE exclusive stuff is just there normally, basically my prehistoric critters being the culprits (do you want me to do some fix-ups on these? I was gonna take a stab at getting the wooly rhino into better animations)
Yuki Onna and Arioch may be using wrong EnvMap settings, I think they should be transparent
The Deprecated Wereboar seems to be the Bioware one, rather than Hydromancer’s? I think Hydromancer’s one got overridden at some time.

Mecheon’s Pointless Rampling About Categories:
Alligator should probably be under Crocodile with the other crocodylians
Should Earth Drake be adjusted to Drake: Earth? There’s only one other Drake creature (The Aenean drake from TAD) so not too bad but, Pointless Rambling
The Lilend is listed under Demon. Lilends are actually an obscure celestial from D&D. Not associated with any of the major groups, but Celestial would probably do given not much else in that category (Pathfinder makes them in the Eladrin equivilent, but, not really appropriate)
With the new Prehistoric grouping, should other stuff be moved there? Axe Beaks blurr the line between being Gastornis or being their own weird fantasy thing so those could stay under Bird, but Dinichthys is an obscure relative of Dunkleosteus and very much not a dinosaur. Its a Placoderm.
Thylacoleo is a marsupial and closer related to the diprotodon, not a cat (literately only I care about this so this is fine where it be)
The Sloth Bear should probably be Bear, Sloth, but it seems to be just Sloth
Malaugrym and Parai aren’t uniques, they’re types of creatures (Malaugrym are a FR specific shapechanger, Parai are Planescape beings from Mechanus also called the Visilights in 3E)
Treant, Small, is technically a Twig Blight

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Your EE-only models shouldn’t appear unless you include cep2_add_ee.hak. Is that not the case?

If you are running EE, the official EE content will appear, regardless.

If you are running 1.69, some official EE content will appear, but only where the same model was already in CEP before EE came out.

The main issue with some of your prehistoric models was the bone count.

We’re open to including fixes in a later release - not urgent :slightly_smiling_face:

Will get back to you on those, and the taxonomy issues.

Yeah, I should split them up (and just take the horns off the megaloceros so there can be a female one, its prepped for that I just didn’t get around to it), but just making sure stuff wasn’t acting up

The Deprecated Wereboar seems to be the Bioware one, rather than Hydromancer’s? I think Hydromancer’s one got overridden at some time.

I’ll check that.

Yes, these are older models that we didn’t touch in the latest project. Looks to me like the WALKRATE and other 2da parameters are slightly off.

Well, Arioch is exactly as published by the author.
I’ve asked Stonehammer to comment on Yuki Ona.

Agree with most of those (though, of course, there are no categories in the real world, it’s just a matter of convenience).

Ducking out of the “Alligator is / is not a Crocodile” debate though - new thread required if anyone wants to debate that :wink:

All of the above logged as an issue for review in a future release.


@Mecheon good catch! The models have an identical filename “c_wereboar”.
@Proleric Do we get it fixed?

This appears to be a long-standing error, which is actually harmless:

There is a duplicate texture in CEP, which will be removed from the next release, for good order, because CEP files shouldn’t be over-riding Bioware ones.

@Mmat found two similar cases, which will also be fixed.

It appears that Hardpoints’ model was lost long ago, but, since it’s deprecated, I don’t see any reason to reinstate it.

Thanks for the report.


On the project page it still says -


This page also hosts the latest CEP 1 files (courtesy of Shadooow). They are now included in the newest CEP 2.x download. If you need CEP 1 alone for some reason, see “CEP1 Complete” under downloads.

TBH, I would prefer CEP 1 to be hosted there but maybe that’s just me.


Thanks - I’ll change that to refer to the Archive page.

It really shouldn’t be necessary, these days, but just in case…

roxie found the solution - the CCC has more than one version of the .dds, we were using the wrong one.

This will be fixed in CEP 2.70.

Is there a reason why you did not include most of the “classic” improved versions for NWN vanilla creatures (like six_'s undead, Low’s ghouls, ghasts and zombies, PQ goblins, minotaurs, lizardfolk and werecreatures etc.) in 2.69 (as non-overriding versions, of course)?

Hope this doesn’t come across as ungrateful or something; I really like all the great stuff added in this version and appreciate the work that went into that.

In general, the candidates for 2.69 were discovered by trawling CCC and other haks, shortlisted by team consensus, then published for community comment.

We didn’t get any feedback at the time (though to be fair, they were long lists).

Without going into specific cases, we tended to avoid adding instances of creatures which were already well-represented, especially if they were overrides requiring further work, though exceptions were made where appropriate.

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I was able to verify most of your points. Proposed new classifications:

Bear: Sloth
Drake: Earth
Prehistoric: Dinichtys
Celestial: Lillend

The last two will no longer be classed as [Unique] but don’t really belong in any existing category.

Indeed. That seems to have been the case for many years - the hind quarters are frozen.

The models have been repaired for the next release.

In the case of Apatosaurus, the original model will be retained for compatibility (adjusting the walkrate). The new model will be offered as an alternative. Apatosaurus is a long-necked dinosaur, but it uses a dragon animation supermodel, so, when repaired, it walks like an NWN dragon, whereas the original posture is arguably more realistic.

If only we knew someone who could make a new Apatosaurus model… :wink:

Could we grab the supermodel from the original version of the pack? In my ridiculous pack of stuff, the apato animates fine, it seems the animations broke somewhere between Hardpoint’s original release and it ending up in CEP

Mind, given the other dragons from that pack were notorious for crashing the game until TAD did somee adjustments, I’m not surprised

Yeah, which runs into the animation issue again. Find me someone who can animate sauropods and I can get you some good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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