CEP 2.70 Released

CEP 2.70 adds 20 tilesets and 386 placeable models.

Thanks to Mmat, DM_Wise and many others.



  • New optional hak cep2_add_tiles3 contains the new tilesets


  • Added 20 tilesets (bringing the total to 38 plus embedded bonus sets)


  • Added 386 placeable models from line 25497


  • Added CEP 2 Tilesets manual
  • Added CEP 2 Systems & Scripts document collection


  • See \docs\CEP\CEP 2.70\2.70 _change summary.txt

This release completes the strategic priorities identified with the help of our builder community, though of course we will continue to make improvements and add new content.

The new tilesets are

[CEP] Aethyr (Space)
[CEP] Almraiven City Exterior
[CEP] Aztec Interior
[CEP] Castle Interior Ancarion
[CEP] Castle Sewers
[CEP] City Interior Ancarion
[CEP] Classic Dungeon
[CEP] Dark Castle Interior
[CEP] Elven City
[CEP] Gothic Interior
[CEP] Heed’s Dungeon
[CEP] Jacoby’s Jungle
[CEP] Jungle Interior
[CEP] Oriental Deadlands
[CEP] Oriental Interior
[CEP] Oriental Rural
[CEP] Rocky Mountains
[CEP] Rural Interior (Q)
[CEP] Ship Interior
[CEP] TCC Room Interiors


Will there be screenshots at some point, especially of the tilesets?

There are a few screenshots on the Vault page (immediately following the CEP logo) but to do them justice I recommend downloading and playing around.

Failing that, most of them have original vault pages with screenshots.

Just fantastic

I look forward to the new standard tileset collection

Thank you for the enormous effort…


Thank you for all your hard work!
I can probably remove some custom tilesets and use the CEP ones along with all the other goodies!!

Oh hey, good ol’ Deadlands. Love that set

I need to poke around with it a bit more. I know back in the day it was specifically designed to use shiny water which, isn’t too much an issue in this day and age, but I remember being a slight issue when shiny water would break on a few PCs

… Reminds me I wanted to do some fiddling around with its sister tileset the Polynesian village as well

Seeing Jacoby’s, my old personal favourite for jungles, also does remind me I wanted to merge in some of the misc jungle tiles around the Vault into that

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Yes, we hope so, subject to the caveat in the documentation:

In practice, I’m not finding many issues so far, though, for example, I haven’t tried Rocky Mountains yet, which exists in so many custom variants that it would be a wonder if one size fits all.

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Rocky’s infamous for a few crashes but it does seem to have everything in place to avoid them. Mind haven’t built with it. Clearly, just need a competition for fancy screenshots of the new tilesets for more fun splash shots to let folks submit 'em along :stuck_out_tongue:

One slight issue I’ve noticed though: CEP’s had a… Sort of Jacoby’s Jungle in it for yonks. Its not the complete tileset, but that jungle in the swamp is what Jacoby’s is based on. Missing a lot of Jacoby’s features though and with some slight annoyances (The Temple tile doesn’t have the doors it should have), but its the original that Jacoby’s was built on top of. Dunno what you want to do with that specifically but, that’s def a thing of note for textures at least

(I’ve been meaning to look at some of the jungle expansions out there and try to merge them into Jacoby’s in a “Vaguely nice and working” format unlike some of the “Let’s shove everything together and make Mecheon hate it decades later with mis-matches between heights” ones out there, but that’s a project on the backburner for decades)

EDIT: Actually found an issue. Going through Deadlands, appears the docked Caraval and the floating onoe use a different texture on their deck. I think the one the floating one is the right one (Matches the rest of the textures), so Docked may have the wrong one there. IIRC, this is an issue with the original version of Deadlands

Good catch. Becomes obvious if you paint the two side-by-side. Noted for the next release.

Good point. There are at least two issues - the Temple doors in Jacoby’s Jungle have the wrong texture, and the identical Temple in Swamp should have the same unique doors (currently generic doorways). Noted for the next release.

We’re not aware of any other textures issues - let us know if you find anything.

The plan is to keep both tilesets - the Jungle tiles in Swamp are required for backward compatibility, and may still be useful to create variety in the swamp, though Jacoby’s Jungle is much superior for your everyday jungle needs.

Yes, we crash-tested every tile on 1.69 and the latest EE build. We also standardized the tile lighting, to make the tile boundaries less visible.

All the same, with so many custom versions out there, replacing them with the new CEP version might not always work - for example

  • If the custom tileset has more tile models than CEP, opening an area containing one of those additional tiles will crash the toolset
  • Some tiles may change to a different model (though that can usually be fixed manually using the Eraser)
  • Considerable scope for texture variations and missing models

Don’t let me put anyone off - it’s worth trying - but, for Rocky above all, backup first!

Builders using nwsync may get the following error when loading cep2_add_tiles3:

I understand that the workaround is to remove tfa01.res from your local copy of cep2_add_tiles3 (using nwhak) before nwsync.

A known issue with nwsync, it seems.

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Thanks, Pro. Qlippoth just dropped me a line about it this morning.

Great work, guys. I haven’t used CEP before due to its size but it may be time to bite the bullet !

A couple of quick questions.

  1. I was thrown a bit by this. I’ve had an old version of CEP in my haks but don’t think I’ve ever used it.

“If installing the full version after already using the CEP, remember to backup your cep2_build and cep2_custom haks first so you don’t accidentally erase your hard work”.

What is/are cep2_build and cep2_custom haks? Are these filenames?

  1. Can you tell me offhand which tileset this screenshot is from?

It reminds me a bit of my favourite interior (which is from NWN2) from Kalister


Hmm, I fear I’ve done something wrong . . .

Removed my old CEP files to another folder on desktop.
Downloaded the new CEP and put contents of folders below into correct places.

\ambient to \ambient
\docs to \docs
\erf to \erf
\hak to \hak
\modules to \modules
\tlk to \tlk

Went to open the starter tileset module and received this error.

I cringe in anticipation of my foolishness being revealed . . . :see_no_evil:

The first one is a “Rural Interior by Pstemarie / Q” but don’t recognize the second one. Does it have a ceiling? Could be “City Interior by Ancarion” or another part of the first one.

If the tlk is missing, make sure that you have cep260.tlk in the tlk folder. Try to open the module with the toolset. It should be possible even if the tlk is gone. maybe it wants one of the older CEP*.tlk’s

Sorry, didn’t explain properly. The second one is an existing tileset for NWN2 from Kalister here.

I didn’t mean to suggest it was in the new CEP - although it would be great if it was :grinning: