CEP 2.71 - what do builders need?

We’re open to suggestion from CEP 2.x builders about content for the next release.

You can assume we’ll continue to

  • Add tilesets, creatures & placeables from recent Vault projects
  • Tidy up documentation & classification
  • Fix reported bugs

but don’t have the resources for huge projects e.g.

  • Facelift every custom object
  • Fix every missing placeable walkmesh & use node
  • Create race / gender variants of all clothing

If you’re content for us to continue as before, fine, but we welcome specific suggestions, and will judge them on the Likes received.

Also, PM me if you’d like to join the team - no previous experience or major time commitment necessary.

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Robe support for horses. Or is that already done and I missed it?

Do you mean that there are CEP robes that don’t work with the official Bioware horses introduced in 1.69? Or official robes that don’t work with the older CEP horse phenotypes?

I’ve messed around with both to some extent - haven’t seen any problems (apart from two official robes which are rigged in a complicated manner that doesn’t even work with the official horses).

CEP robes not working with Bioware horse phenotype.

Great to hear it works, my PW was built under CEP1 and I didn’t fully updated onto CEP2, just ripping stuff I want from there since it contains too much stuff that I don’t want and since I am using NWSync I have to be very careful about download size (I don’t have the luxury of someone else hosting my files via nwsync).

Will look into the robes in CEP2. Eitherway, if that was fixed in CEP2, it is definitely something which should be put into CEP1 haks as well.

We don’t envisage any development of CEP1 - it’s just included for backward compatibility.

Well that is not nice of you since you basically stole it from the guy who was doing it - me… If I do that are you willing to update the cep1 haks in CEP2 package?

Anyway I checked the robe support for horses, male races are missing at least models for robes 166 and 167. See image from toolset:

I only checked cep1 robes, so there might be missing models between robes that got added in CEP2.

Back in CEP 2021, when I was consolidating CEP projects onto the main page I asked you in a DM if you minded if “CEP 1 Complete” was moved to the “CEP Hub” page. You replied “Nope”. So, it wasn’t stolen.

The “CEP 1 Complete” package was ported over as a separate download and, iirc, later merged into the CEP2.x package when Proleric took over as curator.

Stop spinning half-truths.

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Correct. I agreed with it.

But if I knew that the end result will be that you exclude it from the download page, put it inside CEP2 full download and then refuse to ever update it if some stuff in it was missing/was bugged, then I would not agreed to that.

Anyway, if the “basically stole it” offended you I am sorry. What about my question then?

Thanks for the apology.

As for CEP, I’m no longer affiliated with it - and haven’t been since shortly after the CEP 1 file was moved, so I can’t answer your question as to updating it.

I’d like to be able to “plant” crops and have them “grow” and then be able to “harvest” them once mature, so a few “crops” placeables in different stages of growth would be nice, along with some stackable vegetables and fruit items which characters can obtain after “harvesting.”
Use an invisible placeable to “plant” the field, which (scripted) generates the “field of immature plants” placeable. Over time, the field is replaced by other placeables showing the crops in progressively more mature stages of growth until they reach maturity. Then the PC can “use” the placeable to “harvest” the mature crops.
Even if growing crops is boring for players, having the placeables and items would allow module makers to simulate seasons and have the NPCs planting and harvesting crops which could (for example) be used by players to craft magic potions.
It’s all about adding options.

Bear in mind that CEP 2.x is a curated library of community content that already exists somewhere.

It has a collection of “Farm:” placeables and “Tool, 2 Handed” items which might help.

If you can identify some existing content which we can add to that, or commission some, we would have a look at it.

Scripting would probably be best done as a standalone system, which builders can then adapt to their specific requirements. We haven’t added to the CEP 2.x script collection in recent years.

I’m thinking mostly of stackable items. Although I haven’t taken an extensive look at CEP, it seems to me that it lacks such things as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, peas, beans and so on. A selection of meats might also be useful.

If I knew what items to use for it, I’d try scripting a “farm” which could be customised, either player-run or automatically serviced (perhaps with NPCs as farmers).

I am super new to module building (as in I’m working on my first module), so I don’t know how much of this exists already and just isn’t getting used or I haven’t encountered it yet. However I have not seen any of this stuff in modules and would use all of it:

  • does CEP have scripts for cooking?

  • any food item that isn’t already there, both placeables and stuff just in the inventory that would be useable in homes, inns, pubs, etc. This applies to both raw ingredients and the final result. For example in addition to an apple pie, I’d like to see the applies, sugar, flour, dough, etc.

  • flatware that sits on tables as placeable items. I know there is flatware that hangs out in your inventory

  • cookware / bakware such as pots, pans, and skillets; kitchen knives (not just daggers called knives); ceramic and wooden bowels; scissors… these should be placeables and ideally could be interacted with.

  • I think I saw fireplaces somewhere, which means scripts to allow them to be used for food preparation.

  • large blocks of ice that could be kept in a cellar to help with food preservation because the local wizard holed up in his tower avoiding the townsfolk isn’t going to be casting anti-spoilage spells on everyone’s food cellar and pantry.

  • food that adventures would carry about such as meat that is dried, salt cured, smoked or pickled, vegetables that are pickled because again, not everyone is a wizard, sorcerer, or cleric that can just summon food. While I can rationalize that casters are summoning food when the player isn’t looking and rogues are just stealing food when the player is AFK, I have no explanation for other classes that wouldn’t be able to summon or steal food thus are just fasting for the entire duration of the module. These could have effects and just hang out in the inventory. A hot bowl of soup, for example, might give a boost to resistances against cold. Some food might cure poison/disease because the player is just feeling better after eating.

  • outhouses and chamber pots… these don’t need to be usable and probably shouldn’t be, but they should be there and suggesting that they are getting used. Remember when we played Neverwinter Nights for the first time years ago, and there wasn’t a single toilet to be found anywhere in the city of Neverwinter and nobody could go outside the gates to go behind a tree because plague? Like with the food situation, the only explanation is that our characters were pulling their pants down when we went AFK.

  • wash basins of the sort that medieval people would be using to wash their clothing as well as clothing lines.

  • there’s alcohol in the game but uses it involves potion drinking, would be nice if characters actually drank from a mug or cup if that’s possible

  • any sorts of mundane stuff that wouldn’t be use by adventurers - garden tools, farm equipment (such as plows), horse shoes

  • You can never have too many book icons

  • Children toys and games as peaceable items. “Children’s Games” by Bruegel was painted in 1560 and gives lots of examples of what medieval children did for fun:
    Children's Games (Bruegel) - Wikipedia

Thought of some more…

  • water as an inventory item

  • more weapon visual effect colors like pink, purple, blue.

Also feel free to take any portrait packs I made, both current and future. I don’t exactly own any of the art so have no right to be saying “Mine! You need my written permission or something something!! Waaa!” I’m currently working on cat portraits because I really do need lots of cat portraits.

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Thanks for all the ideas.

Like I said before, bear in mind that CEP 2.x is a curated library of community content that already exists somewhere.

So, it’s not about creating new content, and leans away from scripting these days.

Many of the features you mention are available in CEP 2.x (though perhaps not exactly what you want in every case).

You can look for yourself to determine what’s missing.

If you can tell us about material on the Vault that would plug the gaps in CEP 2.x, and builders “Like” the proposal, we’ll have a look at it.

We don’t rule out searching the Vault on your behalf, but it would have to be a well-defined requirement, preferably one resource type, for example “better Tilesets for woodland / abyss / underwater”. As a small team, you’ll understand that we have to focus our efforts!

If you need new material, maybe propose it as a theme for the Custom Content Challenge, or advertise for a model maker.

First of all, I appreciate that CEP, in all its forms is a massive undertaking for those trying to move it on while keeping size in check. Thanks for that.

With regard to the scripting, I’m maybe an outlier here but not being able to script and relying on SG the area of scripting is interesting to me. Individual scripts I can see won’t have mass appeal but scripts or erfs which introduce systems for achieving things might well appeal to a broader audience. Maybe I’m not even talking about scripting itself but systems that allow things to be implemented in a module easily through erfs from existing resources.

To give a couple of examples, I’m currently playing my way through CH 3 of “The Prophet” series and totally impressed by what is possible. However, one of the main features catching my eye is number of times my PC is instructed to follow an NPC, While I can understand idea of WPs for a “flightpath” for the NPC, this module has the NPC waiting for me to catch up, transitioning to other areas, stopping to light a torch in a darkened area etc. This strikes me as re-usable for many modules and therefore might have merit. It is obviously in that particular module but identifying and pulling out the correct script is difficult among so many.

Another example for those not well versed in scripting might be Nereng’s token system. This is just a single erf but allows you to construct a module’s quests without scripting knowledge.

Another possible source is the excellent thread by @Tarot_Redhand A Sort of Continuation which looks back at some of the systems such as Killer Fly Anywhere Transitioning System which sets up quick travel between locations through an erf which I’m guessing involves scripting. I’ve played about with that system reducing all the locations down to none then adding them again so I can get to a module with a single area but I can’t manage to set up a completely new module with it.

I think what I’m trying to say is that the current erf/scripting section in CEP could be at least increased with minimum work as models wouldn’t have to be redone etc. and wouldn’t add too much to the size. All that would be needed is a minimum knowledge of scripting and using existing erfs?

At the risk of arguing against myself here, I can see that this might be just as applicable in something like the Scripting FAQs resources or even just a completely new resource in itself but just my tuppence worth for those of us not fluent scripters.

Thank you for the reply, Proleric. It was terribly late here when I made that post, so I really did miss the part that it was a curated library of things already on the vault.

I limited the prior list to just things that I believe that all module builders would benefit from and not just a personal wishlist of things that I want for my module.

If I do find that any of the things I mentioned above are on the Vault and not in CEP or anything else that might benefit any/all modules, I will try to remember to let you know.


I’m going Lovecraftian on this, so the biggest issue will be dealing with sanity. If I run into issues or it becomes too big, I may just fake with Gestalt’s cutsceen generator.

I think that there are far more of us outliers with no scripting abilities than you realize because we all have different skill sets. (Mine involves pushing pixels about in PhotoShop.)

Tools like Nereng’s (which you already mentioned) and Lilac Soul’s exist to help out us non-scripters. This is on top of the prefab scripts, tutorials, and modules that really are just more scripting tutorials. If you really need something that doesn’t exist, I’d ask in the forums.

We’re analysing the new retail patch 8193.35.

So far, the impact on CEP 2.x appears to be trivial - for example, one new tile won’t be available in CEP tilesets yet - but we’ll aim to enable features like that in CEP 2.71.

A couple of suggestions I think might be neat:

  • adding some more (non-overriding) enhanced models for vanilla creatures from Project Q (goblins, werecreatures, trolls, lizardmen, undead) & Lord Worms PW haks (ghouls & shadows and yuan-ti abominations)
  • adding black powder weapons Black Powder Guns | The Neverwinter Vault (if possible to add w/o overriding already existing stuff)
  • adding east asian (“oriental”) heads and armor made by coulisfu (since placeables and tilesets are already in)
  • adding an optional hak with custom music - really not sure about this though; CEP did not touch music yet and builders might prefer to use their own anyway, but on the other hand a wider base selection might be of interest to some, so just throwing it out there for folks to consider

And a small request: Could you add the vanilla NWN deer model back into CEP, maybe as a new separate 2da entry (so as not to override the already enhanced one which was added by AD)?

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