Cep 2 diamond edition to cep 2.56 EE how?

Tryn to update a mod from diamond with cep2 to EE whith cep2.65. the mod opens fime if a iload an online game but wont open in toolset or on the server client. when opening in tool set it basicly say it needs all the cep2_vb files where are they how do i install uhhhg… help

Fortunately, that can be fixed.

The problem is that your module was built with CEP2 beta, not CEP2 live. Two ways to fix that.

First way :

You can get the old files here:


but take care not to overwrite any more recent files from CEP 2.65.

With those files in place, you can open the module in the toolset, then replace the cep2_vb haks with the corresponding new ones.

Second way :

  • export module.ifo from the module using nwhak.

  • Change the hak file names in module.ifo to the CEP2.65 names using GFFEditor.

  • Import module.ifo to the module using nwhak.


thank ya