CEP 2 Project - Creature Update

Recent polls have identified that CEP 2 should keep moving forward as the custom content collection for builders, by including popular content that adds distinctive value.

For now, we’re focussing on Creatures.


We’re also using this opportunity to deprecate older models, as we find better ones.

This will be done systematically:

Phase 1 - Custom Content Challenge (CCC)
Phase 2 - Great Collections (by shortlisted authors)
Phase 3 - Other Creature Projects
Phase 4 - Find Replacements (for any older models still outstanding)

On completion, we’ll move on to Placeables and Tilesets.

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We’re looking for feedback from the CEP 2 builders who turn our work into play.

This is a big exercise, so please help us by staying on topic!

In previous discussion, we agreed a list of creatures to be deprecated, and some guidelines we will follow:

  • Seek permission from the author to include their work in CEP 2 (even if it’s on open licence)
  • Ask builders before committing to add anything
  • Continue to use optional haks for content that only works in EE
  • Leave a 3 month gap between the release of the CCC and its publication in CEP
  • Implement replacement models as additional appearances, classifying the old model as [Deprecated], thereby retaining it for compatibility

Our proposal for Phase 1 is to include the following 214 creatures from CCC:
CEP 2 - New Creatures - Phase 1 - v1.pdf (185.4 KB)

subject to

  • final testing
  • author permission (requested in all cases, some replies outstanding)

With so much good material, selection is far from easy!

Remember, the scope at this stage is just CCC.

Builders are welcome to comment if there are serious omissions (or spurious inclusions). We’ll take Likes and Replies into account before making a final decision.

Quite the list you got there. I hadn’t realized the CCC included so many creatures. Their inclusion in CEP is a solid move in the right direction.

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Are you sure you want the Bomb Beasts in there? They are basically just animated models without any powers at all.


Are you sure you want the Bomb Beasts in there?

we just want one of them (an elder), not all 193. The animation is quite funny. Of course, some sophisticated scripting is needed for the on death script, which shouldn’t be a problem.

Recently there was a threat with the topic “exploding on death” (or something like that) in the forum.

When last I spoke with Cervantes, he was working on making the CCC fully compatible with the CEP. However, he may not have gotten to it due to RL circumstances. In my casual attempt to see what was what, there is some incompatibility between it and the CEP when it comes to some of the giants, ogres, and maybe some orcs here and there. Had to do with the animations being overrriden, and causing some of the affected to sink into the floor, or others to lock up in a froze pose.

There is some labor to be done there, so let me know if you need any help. Many hands make light work.

Uh … the whole CCC? There are over 800 creatures alone, to say nothing about all the other stuff. I just made a package of around 200 creatures (as posted above), and there are some collisions with existing CEP Files, which I fixed.

Thanks for you offer, we’ll keep that in mind.

Cervantes’ work is on the shortlist for Phase 2 - I’m currently waiting for their reply to a recent PM.

Oh, I’ve done that for about half of them (in all sizes)… If you let me know which BB you want it for I can see if it’s one of those that I’ve done and let you have that script if you want.


If you’re talking about the Creature Catolog he’s made, you’ll want to make sure to contact the actual authors. Not all of that content was made by him.


Thanks, but with the nice demo.mod you made, it shouldn’t be any problem for me.

I think, those nice bugbears are from Project Q, right?

I found this lady in Project Q. Is it your creation?

Yeah, the Bugbears and Esmerelda are both my creations.

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Are the fungal molds supposed be immobile or it is a bug? Unfortunately changing supermodel to the vanilla ooze didn’t work here so that makes them useless for me.

this model doesn’t seem right

Dinosaurus: Raptor: Tiger Green is missing portrait, I do have the portrait in my haks if needed (not sure if it is just misnamed in cep2 or what)

more missing portraits: Donkeys, Dragon, Unique: Sardion, Frog: Tiny: Brown (po_gntfrog_)

after 10 minutes I ran into the famous EEE face error and so this will be all for today

Are they the ones ATOM worked on? I believe the answer was ‘yes’ from when he made them as they were supposed to be moreso traps than mobile things, but, its been a while since the CCP so I may not remember fully. There’s some animation to them, but its just standing

Those will be them. Weird choice not to do walk animations because of that, afterall there is “immobile” speed exactly for these purposes. I really liked these in toolset preview, but honestly, they are kinda small too and this /\ objects in the model are not really visible ingame anyway. Btw, is there any easy way how to re-animate model to use different supermodel than it uses now? I probably dump these molds, but one of the TAD’s creatures he posted separately is very cool looking, but the a_ba supermodel just doesn’t fit at all. Would like to change it to c_golemstone, any ideas?

Can you give some context for this entire post?

The thread is about the proposed creature update for CEP 2 - I don’t see any of the creatures mentioned in the candidate list, or subsequent discussion. What did I miss?

I couldn’t find any other thread where could I report bugs. Since there was recent update (68) which I downloaded and these bugs applies to that update I posted it here. Is there a problem?

Oh, OK, you can report issues on the Vault page as always. I’ll make a note.

They’re probably legacy errors, as we haven’t touched them recently.

Trying to keep this thread focussed on the Creature Update project…