CEP 2 Project - Tileset Clean Up

In a CEP 2 builders’ poll, the following was identified as high priority:

Tileset Clean Up
There are minor issues, especially since EE.

This project will examine every CEP tileset systematically for visual glitches in EE.

If builders are aware of other priority issues with CEP tilesets, let us know.

The CEP 2.67 hak order document and a spreadsheet in the same folder describe fixes that have already been done to achieve EE compatibility (all credit to Pstemarie).

We will report back on progress from time to time.

If any of our expert tileset makers can spare a little time to give advice, they will be most welcome.


Testing has made good progress, with one-third of tilesets reviewed to date.

So far, the good news is that visual glitches previously reported in EE appear to have been fixed by Beamdog in recent releases.

In every case, though, we have found minor defects, which take time to fix - only one tileset has been fully corrected and signed off.

If anyone wants to lend a hand, let me know - there’s a lot of gopher and text editor work which doesn’t require modelling skills.