[CEP 2] Question About Custom Palettes

Looking at the custom palette structure of CEP 2, I see that under Creatures and Items there is a “CEP 2 Custom Palette” and “Module Specific” category under each. However, under Placeables, there is a “CEP 2 Custom Palette” category and then a “CEP Specific” category.

Is this a typo and this “CEP Specific” category on the Placeable Palette should actually be named “Module Specific”?

I found the answer to my question after opening the “CEP Specific” category - the “Module Specific” category is listed under the “CEP Specific” one.

This of course has led to a second question - looking at the major categories labeled “CEP 2 Custom Palette” - these look more like entries that would be relevant for a PW?

Mainly asking because I like the structure and plan on using it for Qv4 - ease of CEP compatibility, but I’m thinking I should rename anything labeled “CEP” or “CEP 2” as something more generic so I don’t get all kinds of questions asking where the blueprints are like I’ve seen in some of the CEP threads.

I doubt whether anyone has a definitive answer these days.

CEP 2 stopped adding templates years ago (to help PWs hitting file number limits IIRC), so the palette has been frozen, in effect. I can’t completely rule out minor changes, though.

When building modules, personally I put new / modified templates in the Module Specific category (or a set of new categories) to avoid confusion with the CEP 2 and base caregories.

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