CEP 2 - Stewardship

I’ve taken over the stewardship of CEP 2 on behalf of the community, as agreed with The Amethyst Dragon, since Pstemarie has stepped down.

My aims are

  • To ensure backward compatibility by never changing anything that existing modules depend on
  • To maintain compatibility with new EE releases
  • To handle queries, fix bugs and tidy up
  • To be inclusive, soliciting consensus on what CEP 2 users need

Anyone who’d like to help would be most welcome.


Of course, not everyone is a fan of CEP - we can take that as read - but I welcome comments from CEP 2 users.

thank you for continuing this work with often ungrateful comments while everyone digs it

What do you need?

Thanks - I’ll PM.

Same for me.

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One thing i noticed in cep 2.67 was that some of the generic npcs (maybe 3 or 4) were overwritten. I’d rather have them as extra npc choices. I solved it in my own personal hak by meticulously looking for the original models in nwnexplorer and adding them to my own hak. I renamed the newer ones and added them to the appearances.2da as newer npcs. I think the original idea in cep of not overwriting the originals was better as far as npcs are concerned.

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I’ll look into that.

Thanks! I hope I haven’t sent you on a wild goose chase. They are mostly from:
from what I recall.
I had renamed and added some of them to my hak and was surprised to suddenly see doubles of them.

Those overwrites are present in CEP 2.65. Changing them now would be a regression which would have a negative impact on modules built using 2.65 as a base.


I have to agree - that ship has sailed - but the broader principal is being considered here.

Footnote - strangely, the change isn’t mentioned in the 2.65 release notes, and I can’t find the content polls which TAD conducted prior to that. However, the records for my own modules show that those changes were definitely in 2.65 or earlier.

I didn’t realize that the overwrites were already present from CEP 2.65.

Hello Vivienne,

I’m sorry, but I didn’t find any overwritten human model in CEP. I know those models from CCC quite well, I use them by myself. Most of them will overwrite the original model if you put them unchanged into an own hak.

Maybe I’m just blind as a mole. Could you please give me just one example?

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My apologies. This is embarrassing because as soon as I wrote the message above, i decided to help out and try to find the npcs that I mentioned in a clean only CEP 2.67 module. But the weird thing is I can’t find them anymore myself. Maybe my own haks had a glitch in them. Again my apologies.

They look normal.

I remember that they had started to look like this.
These are the ones I remember anyways.


Thanks for your info, your help is appreciated. It’s a great relief to see that CEP is ok. I found the situation you talked about (overwritten bio models) in project Q.

…for the very good reason that those models aren’t in CEP after all.

My bad :frowning_face:

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My bad too. I had confused CEP with Project Q.

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Why on earth is the Community Expansion Pack new forum private?

We’re using this Custom Content forum to solicit community views in an open process.

However, the project team members need to discuss a tremendous amount of detail that would hold little interest for the general reader.

Also, we need a less judgemental space, where we can kick ideas around and make mistakes while doing the staff work and quality control.

Most projects have private team rooms or whatever for similar reasons.

Rest assured that this project will be continue to be inclusive and driven by the community.

Our operating model is sometimes called “democratic management”. The team will listen to the broad aims of the community, make pragmatic decisions if necessary, then deliver the fine detail.

The project team is open to everyone who’s willing to help us to do the work.

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