CEP 3.02 Empty Custom Palette

I setup my module with CEP3 and set the 3.02 TLK. My issue is that the custom palette is empty except for a few of my own placeables previously created. It lists out all the categories in the tree, but empty.

The HAK load order is correct.

I have a bunch of other haks after the CEP haks. Tilesets mostly.

Any suggestions? Or if this is supposed to be empty is there something that will load my palette full of placeable goodness?

Have you imported the erf file with all cep resources into your module?

I do not see a erf w/ the CEP3 download. Haks, Module demo, and TLK

I see they bundled erf with the 2.67 release. I could use those but I assume I’ll be missing a lot of the new.

Trying to minimize the bloat in CEP, that’s why the .erfs or haks that contain the custom palette is not included, you would have to grab them from the other page where 2.65 / 2.67 is also available.