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I just got CEP and am lost. It seems that it might be obvious to others since they’ve used if for such a long time so there but it’s not to me and finding instruction on how to use it is hard to find.

I know that there are several packs out there that do several things. PRC, CET, CTP, CSP, Q. I know that there are overrides that improve the graphics of the game.
I know that much so far.

I decided to test CEP first. I followed the installation directions. That was easy enough.
When I opened the tool set I saw there were some new tilesets. That was easy enough.

I couldn’t figure out how to check out new items, new monster/npc designs, new clothing designs. I don’t understand what the installed haks, erf or tlk files are for.
There doesn’t seem to be a list of what I can do.

This is getting frustrating and taking more time than expected… Where can I find more information on how to use CEP? Any kind of Doc or instructions.would be very helpful.


Welcome !!!

Someone who knows will be along in a minute.

I’m certainly not one of those but was just on the Beamdog forums for something else and came across this which might be a partial answer - from Proleric who is a stalwart here and very helpful in these matters. It seems to involve using the Creature Wizard in the toolset. Sometimes that, or selecting an existing resource and altering its appearance through the pulldown menu in Properties does the trick. I’m not sure entirely why there are different ways for different resources.

Or I might be completely wrong . . . :thinking:

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That’s not a bad example.

There is no manual for CEP, sadly, but if you play around with making new objects (creatures, placeables, items…) using the Wizards or Edit Copy, you will find that almost everything has additional appearances. There are new base items, races, wings, tails, vfx, you name it.

If you don’t already have the Toolset Manual, that could be a good place to start - once you’re confident about how to make things, you will find that you now have far more options.

To be fair, some stuff is hard to figure out - for example, if you open scripts, checking the hakpak option, you will see a whole bunch of new stuff, but what it all does, who knows?

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Thanks for the answers.
I’ve found the tool set manual

So I’ll start with that.
I’ve also found the NwN university. which I will read after.

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You might find this pinned thread on how these forums work (A Short Tour of These Forums) useful for getting the most out of these forums (including how to get formatted scripts into a post). Then there’s this pinned thread that is aimed at beginners (The Starting Point - module building tutorials for beginners - and where to find them). Finally (for now) there is this pinned thread (Books & Things) that has links to various useful things that need little to none scripting on the part of the builder to use.