CEP Download Problems

Hey all, I’ve come back to this game after probably 8 years and I’m trying to download the cep files. Problem is, it keeps downloading and opening as a note. I’m dying to play an old game that requires a cep.tlk file and I could really use some help!

I’m not sure whether I understand what you mean by “opening as a note” but if you right-click the link, then save-link-as… (or whatever your browser calls it), the file will download without executing. Then you can open it with the free 7zip tool.

So maybe this will help describe the problem. I go to this site to download it https://neverwintervault.org/cep and when I right clicked it to save as it still downloaded in this weird way.

Why have you associated 7z archives with notepad? You need one of these programs to open it. 7zip, PeaZip or WinRar. 7Zip is the natural fit because that is probably what created the archive in the first place. So choose one and install it.

So to sum up. The current problem is because you have wrongly associated 7z archives with notepad.


I’ve also noticed that you haven’t got a pdf reading program either. This means that you use your browser to read them. Don’t do that to yourself. Get a proper pdf reader. They’re free. A lot of people go to the trouble of inserting bookmarks into pdf documents so that you can instantly jump to various sections of the document. You can’t do that with a browser plug-in. Either get Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader.


or SumatraPDF - if you have a “just show me the dang PDF” attitude.

You were right, I had all those problems. I was able to finally get it all sorted out, thank you so so much! I didn’t even realize I didn’t have Adobe Acrobat, so that’s a bonus. :smiley:

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