CEP Dwarven Hall visibility issue

You may remember that CEP 2.3 included the fixes to the Dwarven Hall tileset from Project Q, which corrected numerous visibility issues.

The problem seemed to be fixed in both 1.69 and EE at the time.

However, there appears to be a new problem in EE now (in .13 and .14, at least).

I made a demo module.

If you run it in 1.69, the PC can hang around in the corridor all day, but nothing happens.

In EE, the hostile creature in the next room opens the door and attacks.

On both platforms, the PC can see into the room before the door opens. This is strange, because in the full module in which I first discovered this, the room is invisible, even though the tiles are identical (apart from the southern end of the corridor, which opens into a larger areas). Another clue that something is horribly wrong!

I have reported this to Beamdog, but I’d welcome any insights from this forum, as I’m not sure that Beamdog will see this as a backward compatibility issue.

I did not check the demo module, but from your description I have similar behavior with a default interior inn tile, with connecting default kitchen with open door. All seemed fine, and I was unable to see from the inn inside the kitchen, but once I switch the light of a candle in the inn on, I could see throught the wall the enemy creatures in the kitchen. Normally I should not have vision into that part of the kitchen.

So, comparable problem, maybe the same cause? (NWN:EE beta 8193.14)

Interesting… does that happen in .13, too?

It does in my case.

As yours is a default interior, not custom, Beamdog will probably be interested if you submitted a ticket with a simple demo.