[CEP] Forest border tiles: repeating flatlands?

Hoi there, Crone here.

Looking to build an area using a forest tileset. However, be it vanilla or CEP, the border tiles (I think that’s the proper word-usage there?) are all repeating flatlands, as opposed to repeating trees. Checked the .set file, border is set to use the Forest terrain. I do know that not all Forest tiles have trees.

I am very interesting in how I might be able to change this. I swear that, in another module, I’ve seen areas repeat trees along the border tiles, but I am not certain how to make that happen myself.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

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The border in the set file refers to a border drawn around the area, so if your basic terrain is cobble and “border” is set to buildings, then you’ll get cobbles with buildings at the border of the area. What you are looking for are edgetiles. You can either use a facelift hak for example which will have trees instead of just empty forest ground tiles, or you can change the forest edge tile yourself and put it in your haks. The edge tile is ttf01_z01_01 (all edge tile names should start with a z, sadly not everybody follows those guidelines).

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Thanks so much, @Zwerkules. That was fast!

I will dig into the edge tiles and see what I can see. And, thank you for the tip about naming conventions! That’s a pretty big clue! :smile:

I can recommend Zwerkules’ facelift tileset “Bioforest” for a start. :grinning:


I was just coming back here to say, “Boy, that @Zwerkules fellow is going to get referenced a lot in credits.” :smirk:

You’ve no idea.

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