CEP - Katar feat Icon (RESOLVED)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your continued help in the past. I noticed that when I downloaded the CEP 2.7 that the CEP weapon the katar feat icon is missing. Does anyone have a copy of that tga I can have? I would like to throw that in with my haks to fix. Pstemarie is not answering me and I know he did the CEP 2.7. He has been a lot of help in the past, but I think he is taking a break…or I hope nothing serious has happened to him.

Anyone have that tga for the katar feat icon?


Looks like this is a bug, easily fixed.

In cep2_add_feats, feats.2da line 24608 WF_KATAR specifies the icon as ife_wf_katar, which doesn’t exist, but there is a file named ife_wf_ktrar, which is probably a typo.

So, in your top hak, you can either amend feats.2da, or include a copy of ife_wf_ktrar renamed ife_wf_katar.

P.S. It would really help if you identified the feat by name, as there are a lot of katar weapon feats.

Thanks Proleric

I will change the ife_wf_katar rename it to ife_wf_kater. on my top feats.2da and see if that works.

I will test it tomorrow and see if it works :slight_smile:

Ok did a quick test…the Weapon Focus for katar is just a white box…no icon


the improved critical katar icon is fine

So now what?

Sorry, there was a typo in my post. The correct name for the icon is ife_wf_katar.

EDIT - also, you seem to have confused two different solutions. Either amend feats.2da to reference ife_wf_ktrar, or rename ife_wf_ktrar to ife_wf_katar.

Hey thanks Proleric :slight_smile:

It fixed it

much appreciated