[CEP] Missing LOK Door Models

Maybe someone has these models?


They are LOK transparent doors that are listed in genericdoors.2da in cep2_add_doors, but the models are nowhere to be found in the CEP files. They were added to CEP 2 when CRAP was.

I’ve checked older versions of CEP2, CEP1, CRAP, and LOK content on the Vault and come up empty. Maybe someone has them sitting in an archive somewhere.

If the models can’t be found, I’m thinking of removing the references to them from the 2da file.

Maybe it’s a stupid/obvious comment, but are you sure they would have the same name (even apart from the zdr_ prefix which is the CEP2 door naming prefix) in CRP or LOK content?

Of course there is probably nothing much else to go on other than the model name to find the missing doors.

Yeah, they definitely don’t have the same name, BUT with the LOK doors I did identify in other packs, they all had “LOK” somewhere in the filename.

What do transparent doors look like?

In the CRAP dungeon hak, there are a number of mdls that are named “TDK_LOK01_01”, “TDK_LOK01_02”, etc, for 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, and 11. Looking with nwnexplorer shows the models are doors, but I don’t understand exactly what a transparent door would look like.
You’ve probably already explored those files, and I’m like the little kid trying to help the teacher do a math problem, but who knows?

Of the two LOK transparent doors I do have, one is just a grey plane that appears to be invisible in NWNExplorer. In the toolset, the door is about half the height of a regular door. The other LOK trans door I have in a flat black plane that lays parallel to the ground.

The way they are structured leads me to think they may be actually tileset specific doors that Danmar (the original creator) listed in genericdoors,2da as opposed to doortypes.2da, but I’m not very familiar with the LOK Dungeon Tileset. Looks like I might have to dive into that.