Cep not in my module making

So i looked at guide online etc and i’m a bit confused, I think i remember choosing the Cep 2.65 – all tielsets etc option but i only have default content…The cep is put properly in my documents as i can join worlds with cep etc… When i go to module properties and custom content and add content it seems i can select cep but cannot click ADD i’m a bit lost…Looks like i have to add manually i don’t want to start a new world omg

Nvm sorry i found out i add to add them all one by one!!!

OK. Here are four links to pinned topics on here just in case you missed them. It is probably a good idea to bookmark these so you can easily find them again. That is because of the way that Discourse (the forum software) works.

  1. A Short Tour of These Forums (Where stuff is, how it works, etc.)
  2. Useful Windows (assuming you’re on Windows) Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. The Starting Point - module building tutorials for beginners - and where to find them
  4. Books and Things (ready made prefabs)

I think you’ll find a lot of useful information and links to stuff in there.


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Wow thanks you guys rock :slight_smile: I’m doing good now i improve slowly everyday my skills !!! I check these out for sure

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