CEP: Pegasus mount concept nonfunctional

I don’t think the concept behind this mount works. This mount is normal horse with a wings assigned in toolset to angel. That looks fine itself, however, whenever mounted the wings are lost and thus pegasus is just a white horse copy.

Horse system doesn’t change rider wings and if adjust the scripting this is what you end up with:

Therefore I believe that the pegasus in its curent form is bugged and nonfunctional. The wings needs to be “welded” into model just like gripphon mount has them.

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Once a mount is mounted by another creature, they become one creature. The (N)PC is the creature and the mount is the tail, so any wings applied to that creature would go on the back of the (N)PC. You are right, the wings would have to be part of the horse/pegasus model and that would need special animations to take care of the wings. Since the supermodel for mounts has no wings with animations, a new supermodel (h_ba) would have to be made. Lots of work.

Doesn’t Anarion’s Sanctum series rely heavily on pegasi? I admit that I have not yet played it (time…). But I don’t think he’d have settled for wings on the rider, so there is probably a working pegasus out there.

IIRC, the way this mount worked in the original hak is there was another set of wings set up to appear they were on the horse side of things. CEP may have left out those particular wings as, unless you were using them for that specific purpose, they’d appear sideways and off-model

I don’t know Sanctum’s system myself though

That seems to be the case, there are wings like that for hipogriff, but not pegasus.

There is Horse, Pegasus (CCP) which has the wings welded in mode, however that is quite low quality model and doesn’t seem to be suited for mount, as it is permanently doing an attack animation when used like that (majority of NPC models as tail from CEP has this issue it seems).

It is probably using these sideway wings which are just not included in CEP. Not perfect solution because it disables player wings, but I guess it is enough for me.

I’m pretty sure Sanctum uses its own pegasus model with the wings attached. You’d have to ask Andarian to be sure.

Or look in the haks/module…

Ok so I downloaded the missing wings from the original package: Rideable Pegasi & Winged Unicorns (w/ Script System) | The Neverwinter Vault

And as I expected from the toolset, it looks absolutely horrible…

Here is capture of the looks of it. This is… unusable really.

Hippogriff wings from CEP are behaving identically.

EGAD, that pegasus looks like its wings are having a spas-attack.

UPDATE: the wing issue is not unique to the side-wings, but is happening with standard angel, bat and butterfly wings as well. Ie. if the rider has the wings on himself. It is not that bad as the pegasus wings, but it is there.

Plus any custom wings based on these such as erynie wings. The pegasus side-wings are definitely based on angel wings too.

So it is actually not a CEP issue but just another vanilla Horse System issue…

The dragon wings don’t have this issue as they are not moving themselves while running. But the mentioned wings does “open/reopen” (or how to say it) when running, and at high PC speed it does what you see in the video and it is ugly as hell.