CEP scalable appearances

appearance.2da in cep_top_2_65.hak has a number of entries that look like they’re put there for scaling support. i can’t figure out more than that… hoping someone could tell me specifically what they’re useful for, and if they duplicate other entries in the 2da. the ones i’m seeing have names like

"NoName_VFX W: UM T: AG: Small"
"CreatureVFX W: DG T: AM: Large"

…and there are hundreds of lines of this cryptic stuff.

it looks like the ‘um’ [or ‘dg’] part could be associated with the ‘w’, in which case i’m guessing it has something to do w/the wing ? and similarly for the ‘t:ag’ and ‘t: am’ – something to do w/the tail ? the size references at the ends of these are obviously the sizes of the final scaled creature, as supported by their entries in the WING_TAIL_SCALE column. but what does the rest of it mean ?

It refers to scaling:
specifically, scaling VFX.

Hi proleric

Thanks for the reply. Actually, i already knew these were for scaling. What I don’t know is what the ‘t:ag’ and ‘w: am’ and all those bits refer to. Or in other words, what is the significance of these tags. Knowing what they refer to would help me see if there are duplications and what these specific appearances are used for.


“t” = Tail model … “w” = Wing model. The “no glow” designation = no glowing nimbus when you cursor over a creature using the appearance.

The various CEP scaling models also have differing “personal bubbles” and “heights”, combat distances and “head, hand, chest and chest” nodes. So some experimenting is often needed. IE, you can use most tail/wing appearances, but oddities like where a breath attack appears from may not align with the base invis appearance and it’s tail model.

thanks to both of you. i’ve played around w/this a bit and i’ve managed to get together some more complete info on this.

apparently i’m not allowed to upload pdf’s, so here’s a link to it :