CEP weapon Specializations not showing up to choose

Hi everyone…again

Sorry to pester the community a lot lately, but I am calling on your help because I need it.

I downloaded the CEP 2.7 and have added it to my haks and I had Pstemarie help me a lot…for which I am very grateful. He has seemed to take a break as he is not responding to my questions lately.

I noticed while testing that my ability to choose the CEP weapon specializations don’t work as they should (only tested the following weapons so far: Katar, Lance, Nunchuku) and I can get weapon focuses in those, but can’t get the specialization feats for those. Anyone else getting the same issue?

I bet I screwed up the merging of the 2das. Is there a way I can have someone take a look at my feats 2da to see if I did something wrong or missing something.

Is it possible it could be an issue with some other 2da I am not aware of that also connects to the feat 2das for feats?

Help anyone…please. I plan to game with my friends this weekend and would really like to fix this issue before then if I could.

Thanks in advance

Annnddd…I just tested the CEP 2.7 weapons and in the case of the Katar…I have weapon focus in it…but i do not get the +1 bonus when I equip it…so does anyone else have the same issues with the weapon proficiencies not working?

What 2da feats are responsible for making the CEP weapon feats work? Is all the stuff to make them work on the feats 2da?

I set up a test rig. Very early days.

I seem to get +1 bonus correctly with Weapon Focus on the katar.

However, so far, I’m unable to select Weapon Specialisation when expected.

Will investigate further when time permits.

PS it’s 2.67 not 2.7

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Oh right…meant 2.67…lol

Yeah the Weapon Specializations don’t show up to choose. Yes if you can look into that it would be great. I also contacted DM Wise as I know he has a working CEP weapons system. Hopefully this can be fixed.

Without looking at the cep 2.7 directly, I can only infer that it’s probably missing the defined parameters that should be laid out in “cls_feat_fight.2da” where one needs to list each individual feat. This would apply to any cls_feat_xxxx.2da where the “xxxx” is for each particular class. Creating even one feat is a chore, and creating 12+… it can become quite easy to overlook these simple things.

Other than that, one needs to look at the prereqfeats 1 and/or 2 called for in the feats.2da to make sure they are properly defined.

Just checked the HAK myself and the feats are all defined in the appropriate cls_feat 2das. It looks like they were ported over from the PRC and then expanded a bit to include CEP weapons that PRC missed. It looks like the baseitems.2da has the correct numbers as well and feat.2da has the proper linked in parameters. Maybe the OP didn’t merge haks correctly?

As for not being able to select weapon specialization when expected, I couldn’t tell you.

That’s about all the time I’m willing to put in as I don’t use CEP for anything other than ripping content from it when needed. Its far too big and filled with junk for my tastes.

I think I see the issue. There are 2 baseitem.2da’s present. One in the top hak, and one in the add_feats.hak. The former doesn’t have all of the feats defined via feats.2da. Depending on your hak order, this will cause your issue. Perhaps slotting cep_add_feats above the cep_top_x will solve this. Ideally, I would only have one baseitems.2da so thsomething like this doesn’t happen. I would also be inclined to move all 2da’s into one hak, and make that hak a separate download for ease of updates, compatibility and downloading.

Well, if you read the included documentation with CEP 2.67 (CEP 2.67 hak order.txt), you’ll see that cep2_add_feats (an optional hak) is on top of the hak order when used. CEP 2.67 fixes and updates.txt also has a few notes on the hak.

Since 2.67 is supposed to be backwards compatible to earlier versions of CEP and cep2_add_feats is EE only, the additional baseitems.2da was probably a conscious choice to avoid breaking something in older modules made prior to EE.

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Agreed. I’ve tested with the correct order, that isn’t the problem.

feats.2da for weapon specialisation often seems to have two prereqisite feats - weapon focus (as expected) and a feat in the PRC reserved range, which is undefined for CEP.

See katar, for example.

EDIT - that is the problem.

@Imtherealthing I fixed the Weapon Specialisation problem in feat.2da by replacing all instances of 24434 with **** (except for line 24434 itself). I will issue a patch shortly.

I can’t find any problem with Weapon Focus (Katar). Once I have the feat, my Attack Bonus increases by +1 when I equip the katar. Are you still not seeing that?

Holy Camole…never expected to see all this when I logged on…lol

Thanks everyone for giving input…

Thanks Proleric…when you say you will issue a patch…does that mean with the official CEP 2.67? Will it be uploaded there? I have all my 2das in my top hak like DM_Wise said above and only one baseitem and feats 2da in there.

It use to be much easier when the 2das did not do this annoying wrap feature. I get lost in editing those 2das because of it. Yes, I have editors…but I am not good at using them and get frustrated in using them. I always did the cut and paste from one 2da to the other. I gave up on the last merge…I had Pstemarie do it for me. He was a good man helping me with that, but he has gone quiet or something happen to him as I can’t seem to contact him. He was a lot of great help to me in the past. A great friend and very talented. I hope he is alright - anyone hear anything from him lately?

Anyways, I no doubt will struggle with this mess as I mentioned above…I hate…absolutely hate that new word wrap crap on the newer 2das. Let me know Proleric when you upload the changes (patch). much appreciated you all for addressing this.

I swear when I tested the Katar with my current mereged 2das the weapon focus did not work…I sent DM_Wise a PM and email to take a look at my 2das I sent him in my email I have from his greyhawk email address. He hasn’t responded. I probably messed it up.

Use to be just easy in the old days. I would just copy the lines over from one 2da…and paste. Then change tlk line entries if they did not match the 2da tlk lines.

Hey DM_Wise…I saw you respond above…could you do me a small favour and look at those 2das I sent you please. For guys with your level of knowledge and skill…you could see and fix this stuff in 10 min…then my weeks of agony and hair-pulling I go through…lol

Sounds like you’re using a plain text editor. If that is the case there is an easy fix for this problem. You see the problem is not the 2da but a setting in your text editor. You just need to turn Word Wrap off. If you are using Notepad++ simply go into view and you will see a tick against Word wrap. Click on that and Word wrap will be turned off. In plain old Notepad (yech!) it’s under format.

If you are just using the built-in text editor that came with your OS, stop right now and get a decent dedicated text/programmer’s editor such as Notepad++. It will make your NwN editing experience so much better.

If you haven’t got YATA, give it a try. Yes it’s in the NwN 2 section but it does work with NwN’s (all versions) 2da files as they have the same format. It is a Windows program if that is relevant to you. If you look at the picture on the project page you will see that it has a spreadsheet like interface which may well be familiar to you.


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CEP 2.67 Hotfix 1

Issues fixed :
Weapon Specialisation feats couldn’t be selected for CEP weapon types
Missing icon for Weapon Focus (Katar)

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Thanks Tarot_Redhand.

I will look into those. I do have Notepad ++…but I did not know it had a checkbox to undo the word wrap issue. I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

Thanks Proleric. I will test this over the weekend when I have time. I hope I can get this right on my 2das

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Chakram has its own feat when the base model is a throwing axe?

Fire wheel should be where the chakram is on the 2da as a stand-a-lone because the chakram can use the throwing axe feat and the fire wheel has no feats.

I discovered another issue:

Improved critical Goad - no feat pic

Oh hey DM_Wise…discount my request for looking at my feats I sent you. I’m ok now. I took the suggestion to have the wrap feature off on the notepad ++