CEP weapon Specializations not showing up to choose

We’re doing some testing. The rows described as “CHAKRAM” in feat.2da correspond to “windfirewheel” in baseitems.2da, and has no icon.

Expect to find more, but by all means report any you catch, too.

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Since the feats line up with the “windfirewheel” in baseitems.2da and the “chakram” is implemented as a “handaxe”, why not just change the TLK feat names to read “Wind Fire Wheel” instead of “Chakram”.

Yes, we’re thinking of doing that. Both the legible text in feat.2da and the corresponding .tlk entries should read “Wind Fire Wheel” I think.

Thanks to @Mmat for spotting during testing that the prestige class prerequisite files are missing from cep2_add_feats.2da.

It’s just a typo in feat.2da - the icon name should read ife_impcrit_goa.

All of this will be swept up in another hotfix when testing is complete.

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Yes, this is a small glich. But Xena wields a “chakram”, so this should be the preferred name. :slight_smile:
(to say nothing to the fact that a change in TLK is just one change, while a change in the feats are multiple …)

forget it, the windfirewheel is a different weapon. renaming the feats seems to be the right way

Found another: Weapon Focus Sap…no icon pic

Yes, Mmat found that, too. Will be corrected in the next Hotfix.

Thanks for reporting these issues.

Don’t know if this was from some hak I picked up…but you ever hear of the des_feat2items.2da?

I have that and it has CEP weapons in it…what is it?

This is a table used by the official treasure scripts in x2_inc_treasure.

I don’t use the official system myself, but the gist of it can be gleaned from DTSDetermineFeatToUse() where it appears to choose useful treasure based on class and weapon-related feats.

As far as I can see, there is no version of that table in CEP, so my guess is that you might have inherited it from some custom treasure script that includes CEP weapons.

The new CEP weapon feats in 2.67 included some spurious references to null feats in the PRC reserved range, which makes me wonder whether your file comes from PRC, but that’s just speculation.

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Ah …ok…so should the CEP weapon feats also go in here?

EDIT: For release in the hot fix

I know this is not related to the CEP weapons in this thread…but has anyone else noticed that the CEP ponies no longer have the hoof beat sounds? It could be me having upgraded from CEP 2.4 to 2.67 where I lost it.

EDIT: perhaps to add to the hot fix

If you mean des_feat2items.2da, there isn’t a CEP version, so there’s nothing to fix.

Rewriting the treasure system to include CEP weapons would be quite a significant undertaking. For now, let’s park the question of whether / how CEP2 should handle larger extension requests like that. I will come back to it.

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I will note that as a separate issue.

Let’s try and keep this thread on the weapon feats topic - by all means raise unrelated issues in a new thread.

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Discussion of ponies moved here.

Please stay on topic (CEP weapon feats)

CEP 2.67 Hotfix 2 - Weapon Feats released

CEP Weapon Feats retested, reconciled and tidied up

Thanks to @Mmat

Includes Hotfix 1