CEP with all my love and hate

Hello all! After years I retuen!

Okay, I currently have installed the latest CEP onto a new module, I added CEP and also the morrowind hakpack as I am working on a elder scrolls concept for friends.

I added the TLK placed the CEP files in the appropriate folders and now I get gray spots in my tiles that I am placing! Can someone help me out? thanks! <3

Try removing the morrowind hak and any custom files in override.

Can you provide a link to the Morrowind hak you’re using?


This one, Also managed to get the tilkeset to act less wonky. it was all about the order of which you place the haks. Now my following question would be regarding this CCC

It has some unique skins which I do not rightly know where to place? It is in the source zipfile… Thanks! <3

If you mean textures, if they are not in a hak, you’ll need to make one, then add it to your module.

If you need merge any CCC 2da files with the CEP versions, they can go in that custom hak, too. It needs to be first in the list in module properties (“top hak”).

See Custom Content Guide on the Vault for detail.