CEP1 Complete

Anyone knows where it disappeared?

It’s still available here CEP 2.x (Community Expansion Pack) | The Neverwinter Vault

I see. okay…

I know I wrote that you can do anything you want with it in description, but why you deleted the original project and broke dozens of links leading to it from internet?

And why you renamed it with “outdated” in its name as if player doesn’t need this anymore?

@Shadooow this was done by the previous CEP 2 team (not Winternite), before my time.

I believe the intention was benign - it makes the CEP page a one-stop shop for CEP1 and CEP2 - but I wasn’t aware that the CEP 1 page had been deleted, thereby breaking links, which is obviously mistaken.

The description “outdated” on the current CEP 2 page is technically correct, in the very narrow local sense that since CEP 1 is now included in the CEP 2 download, it’s never necessary to download that link.

I haven’t seen any complaints from players, but perhaps that’s because searching for CEP on the Vault finds this slightly out-of-date version and the CEP2 page version.

@Fester_Pot is it possible for site admin to restore the CEP 1 page? The url was

Okay, if CEP2 includes CEP1 I suppose that is fine then.

As for the links, what about redirect? Can we do that?

@Fester_Pot redirect here would be better if you can do it.

Also, when time permits, it would be good to redirect all the pages for old versions of CEP 1 and CEP 2 there.



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